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Thread: My 1st checkup (Warrior Tank)

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    My 1st checkup (Warrior Tank)

    1st time posting here, but have been reading for a fair while and muddling my way around the place. Our guild is just starting 10 man raiding and I have been MT'ing on our runs

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Just after some constructive criticism on how people think I am going with things and any gear/talent checks I should be aiming for, especially with 3.1 coming out

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    Your gems, enchants and talents are all good. You've got enough expertise and hit to be at the soft cap, and the two blues you have are better than any epics you could easily get to replace them.

    You're doing it right. Only thing I would suggest would be to replace your Dodge/Stamina gems with Defense/Stamina gems where you won't lose a socket bonus or your meta by doing so. It'd be a slight increase to your avoidance because your diminishing returns would be spread out over four stats, rather than just Dodge. You're absolutely fine as you are, though, and I doubt you'd notice a difference if you did make this change.
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    I dont agree with the post above me

    I do agree that the dodge/stam gems need to go. Dont ever gem for dodge or parry. Get some expertise/stam gems instead. Here is what else I noticed..
    1. Spec-You should have 1 more point in deep wounds and 2 points in cruelty. Causing more damage thru bleeds and crits will help keep aggro.
    2. Stats-You are not expertise capped. Not for level 83 bosses. You should be at 6.5% or 26 expertise(6 comes from your spec). You are not hit capped either. (264). You might not have the gear to pull both off so focus on expertise first.
    3. Gear-I don't like that you need the Seal of pantheon trinket or you will not be Def capped. You're going to get better trinkets and not be able to equip them. The tricky thing is that maintaining the DEF cap becomes more difficult with time because lots of 10 man naxx gear has less DEF on them and more expertise/hit and other stats. To compensate I would switch meta gems to the one with DEF on it for now...With other gear you can always switch back.

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