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Thread: Prot. Paladin needs your help and review

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    Prot. Paladin needs your help and review

    Okay I am in need of help and advice on both talents and gear I currently use.

    My guild is small and only has 3 80'2, with a couple more close, but those belong to the current 80's, so I have a serious lack of gear from Raids/Herioc runs, since we don't do them and I have been hesitant to ask to be on one when people are looking.

    I see over and over, esp. for Naxx that you have to be geared, will what does that mean exactly, what are they looking for in particular and does my current gear meet those requirements.

    Here is a link to my main toon

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    Your gear is not suitable for tanking Naxx. A few things:
    • go find the Paladin gearing guide on these forums and compare it (not just the pieces, but the stats on them) to what you're wearning. The only gear in your armory profile that I would say you can keep is:
      • shield (should have +20 def chanted instead)
      • boots (should have +22 sta or Tuskarr's Vitality instead)
      • titanium earthguard ring
      • cape (though one with +def as a base stat would be better)
    • you've chanted +4% mounted movement speed on your boots, but that doesn't stack with Crusader Aura or the Pursuit of Justice Talent, so it's completely wasted.
    • you need to have 540 defense if you're going to MT or OT Naxx. You've reached uncrittable status with a massive amount of resilience rather than defence. The problem here is that you've only got 25% avoidance because resilience rating only reduces chance to be crit. It doesn't boost parry, dodge, or block the way defence rating does. Resilience is a PvP stat - a little bit from incidental gear is OK, using it to eliminate an uncrittable gap of less than 0.5% is acceptable in the short term, but it's not what you should be aiming for as a tank.
    • as a Prot paladin, you should not be gemming or chanting for Intellect. You will be running with base intellect only. You get mana back primarily from Blessing of Sanctuary and Spiritual Attunement right now, and in 3.1 Divine Plea will essentially keep mana flowing in for as long as you're hitting things once you cast it
    • you should not be gearing for spellpower - you get all that you need from the Touched by the Light talent which gives 30% of your stamina as spellpower.
    • As mentioned, the mounted speed increase from Pursuit of Justice is wasted, but the 50% reduction in disarm effects is also wasted because your weapon has a Titanium Weapon Chain on it. The description of both the talent and augment say "does not stack with similar effects). Even after making the recommended changes to both, I would think the points are better spent in Heart of the Crusader.
    • you probably want to put Accuracy on your weapon (once you've replaced it), as your hit rating is below the soft cap (267), and your threat depends upon you landing your attacks. Running with +hit food and/or an elixir will help here - you can get +95 rating by using both.
    What I would do if I were you is get a full set of Tempered Saronite gear, along with the Tempered Titansteel Helm. Properly gemmed and enchanted, along with the few epics you do have should get you to 540 defense, though it won't do much for your avoidance. For a weapon, you probably want at a minimum the Infantry Assault Blade (UK hc), or the Red Sword of Courage (UP hc).

    Then chain-run heroics to replace the tempered saronite with pieces that have more gem slots and better avoidance stats.

    Get yourself the Chained Military Gorget and Tanking Libram from the EoH vendor. Buy the tier 7.10 pieces that you can with emblems (gloves and chest).

    It's quite a bit of work, I know. But you asked.

    If you're buying a dual spec in 3.1, you might want to spec ret and see if you can get into a Naxx-25 pug where the fate of the raid isn't as dependant on one person. You're not going to rock the DPS meters, and you will need to re-gem and re-chant some of what you're using, but it might be a path to a couple of iLevel 213 upgrades.


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