Been planning a run on either +1 or 2 and have been thinking about raid setup, seems to be mixed reactions really about wether to take 2/3 tanks or 2/3 healers, so here was my plan, i was wondering if anyone here had tried this fight with a warlock's felguard tanking sarth as they can be buffed to around 40k hp. I have heard it has been done but want to know really how feasible it is.
Doing this would enable us to have 3 healers, 2 tanks and 5 dps, which i would guess would make the fight a lot easier. The group i am planning on taking would consist of:
2 hunters, one warlock, one rogue, then either a dk or fury warrior, (these simply because we are the highest dps in our guild)

Healers: Druid (for aoe heals) Holy paladin (for the nice buffs and survivability around adds) then either a priest or shaman

Tanks: Paladin for adds (buffed hp in 25 man around 37k) then either a warrior or druid (both around 35-38k hp in 25 mans)

Having two hunters would mean 2 MD's onto the felguard as i have heard building threat for them is hard, and would make sure the healer wouldn't over aggro it, but also you could have to gorillas to help the pally on the adds if something went pearshaped with the drakes

Little bit of background info: As a guild we have a couple of good members who know what they are doing but are let down by those who dont in 25 mans, which is why i am asking this for 10 man not 25, we have cleared 10 man naxx, but been having troubles with thaddius in 25 man, finally got him and sapph down this week though and going for KT tonight (after a 1% wipe last night) [yeah, seriously].
We have done OS +1 very easily and are trying +2 next reset.

The healers i would take would have no trouble keeping any of the tanks alive,every dps does around 4-4.5k dps on 25 man patchwerk.
Tanks as said before all are in the range of 35-38k hp (25 man buffed).
The warlock who's pet would be tanking is the guild master, he is experienced and really knows his stuff.

Mainly i was wondering about how feasible a felguard is for tanking sarth till we get the drake(s) down, which would be my best choice out of the tanks and healers. (Mainly concerning buffs, and which classes are helpful where)

Any bit of help is very appreciated, particularly on the felguard thing, and examples of your raid setup would also be handy.

Thanks very much in advance.

PS. Sorry for the big wall of text.