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Thread: UA Tank Build

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    UA Tank Build

    I really like the article you posted on the main page about the UA tank build. I had already been experimenting with this this build for several weeks and came close to the same conclusion this forum did. I only feel it's right I share my own experiences and build.

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    My talent set, as you can see, is only slightly different than the one described on this site.

    My reasons for changing some of the talents:
    3/3 Improved Heroic Strike > 0/3: Heroic Strike shouldn't be used as a rage dump in this build because of Glyph of Revenge and UA. The cost is already reduced to 0 because of the glyph. If you are going to rage dump, you might as well use Shield Slam, or better yet, Mortal Strike.

    1/3 Tactical Mastery > 3/3: According to WoWhead, 3/3 Tactical Mastery increases the threat generated by Mortal Strike by 62 percent while in defensive stance. Although it costs 10 more rage than Shield Slam, if you have 20 extra rage to blow on Shield Slam you probably have 30+ anyway. 3/3 Tactical Mastery turns this into a great threat sustaining tool.

    2/2 Improved Charge vs 2/2 Improved Rend: This is a tossup based on tanking style. The initial Rage generated by Improved Charge is wasted if you don't spend 3/3 Tactical Mastery, unless you use an ability before switching to defensive stance, like Rend. I like to throw in a rend as I switch stances just to build initial rage while I wait for revenge to proc.

    Weapon Specialization: Based on which weapon you're using obviously. Poleaxe is optimal, but the best heroic dungeon tanking weapon is a sword (and that is what I am still using).

    Improved Disciplines 0/2 > 2/2: Stance dancing is a major part of the initial 5 seconds of a fight in this build. Improved Disciplines allows you to charge/rend and pop Retaliation for threat more often. not to mention reducing the cooldown of shield wall. It's not required, but I find that it helps more while tanking a boss than Gag Order does. on trash, DKs are pulling casters to me anyway, so the Heroic Throw portion of that talent is moot.

    The one remaining Talent point: Juggernaut, Iron Will 3/3, Gag Order 1/2, or 1H Specialization 5/5 are where this talent point could go. all make sense and all are viable.

    I haven't really contributed to this forum, nor have I been lurking for very long, but I hope you don't dismiss what I have to say because of it.

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    I am not too sure about your Heroic strike conclusion. You won't really want to rage dump at all with this spec, as long as you have enough rage to get your next revenge off you're good to go. Rage dumping with Mortal Strike seems like a terrible idea, when I spec'd into imp mortal strike even, the damage mortal strike did didn't get close to a revenge, and it adds a 1.5sec GCD. The only way I would use Mortal Strike is in pvp. I would immagine you would have more rage issues if you don't talent heroic strike as not always will it be free (though it should be most of the time as long as you have revenge up)

    Rend is an interesting idea combined with Trauma, I will have to test this out, but i prefer to not stance dance.
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    Sorry, I didn't actually mean to ragedump in the middle of a revenge rotation. I was talking about during a sudden dry spell in the middle of an encounter. When you have several seconds of no revenge and you have rage and are in danger of capping. Mortal Strike should not be completely ignored in this case, that's all I'm saying.

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    I can see maybe using it if you have absolutely nothing else to use, but to really make this spec work you want to be able to revenge all the time, shouldn't have many dry patches, and if you do, they should be going to shield block/shield slam as cider has mentioned in the video
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    Yes, Shield Block/Slam is great to use here. And that would definitely be my first priority if it were up. But Shield Block has a 40 second cooldown, and I have found several (not many though) instances where I have come into a dry spell and Shield Block was still not up again. If you're counting out the 5 second window that revenge has when you use it, ending the final Revenge's 1 second GCD with a Mortal Strike is also good. That's how I generally use it. (The cooldowns even line up, imagine that)

    I will continue to experiment on my own. Maybe I am valuing Mortal Strike a bit too much in my rotation. This could by why I tend to shy away from shield slam and gag order.
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    UA itemization

    So I have the spec down but am wondering about itemization for my gear. I have 2272ap 159hit 18exp and 6.51% crit. I don't have an axe tanking weapon yet. If I did my crit would be 11.51%. What else should I do/stack to make to min/max this spec?

    I also have 22dodge 18parry and 32block.

    Finally was going to try this spec on XT in Ulduar!

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    what would be the best rotation, action bar (pls post a screenshot) and keybinding setup for this build ?
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