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Thread: Looking to go Blood in 3.1

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    Looking to go Blood in 3.1

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I know my gear ain't the greatest, can only do 10mans for the part and some pug 25's as this is my alt.

    I have about 32K HP in Frost Presence but I just recently swapped some gear around to get my HP up there and noticed my dodge and parry went down a few percent. I used to be around 27 or 28% dodge with Horn up but now im down to 24% with Horn.

    Should I sack some HP to get back up to 27% or stick with what I got?


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    The best answer to your question is really to build (at least) two seperate sets: An avoidance set and an EH set. Which set you use would depend on the encounter.

    Generally I go through the following questions to determine which set to use for a particular encounter:

    1. How likely am I to get 1/2 shot in a short period of time? Would stacking health help me avoid this or is it part of the encounter that is avoidable/ preventable in some other way? If it is avoidable through stacking stam, use an EH set.

    Conversely I also ask:
    2. If I am not likely to be 1/2 shot in a short period of time, how severe is the damage that I'm taking? Is the damage I'm taking a strain on the healers? Could avoidance help alleviate this strain? Is the damage I'm taking predominantly magic based or physical? If I'm taking a lot of physical damage and the healers are having trouble keeping me up over time, I would use my avoidance set.

    Another dimension:
    3. Threat Set: In pretty much all situations, you should be weighing threat versus whatever avoidance/EH concerns you may have. On certain fights where you really don't take a lot of damage but dps may be riding your threat on the threat meters, you may consider swapping out some stam/avoidance gear for higher threat gear (note: sometimes a piece can be good for both threat and avoidance or threat and stam, be aware of your itemization choices in total)

    Moral of the story, use your gear to adapt to the needs of the encounter. Specialize, don't generalize. The difference should be quite noticable.

    (Generally speaking your 32k health is pretty solid EH while a 24% dodge is average avoidance in the form of dodge. Keep in mind that while we get a lot of our avoidance from blade barrier currently, its functionality is being changed to a damage reduction so we will no longer have ridiculous amounts of avoidance like we used to)

    Hope this helps!

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    A lot of the best tanks i see are around 28-29k unbuffed, so I don't think it would hurt you too bad to sacrafice some HP for avoidance/threat.

    Also for my guy I've been looking into the new dk talent trees and I'm really liking frost compared to the other two, so maybe take a look around the site and try to figure out which spec you would be most comfortable with. (I could be wrong, but I think blood is more of an OT spec due to it's AoE not being incredibly fundamental in the rotation).

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    Thanks for the responses!

    Yea I still have all my old gear as I don't vendor any of my stuff. I was Blood all the way to 80 and loved tanking with the spec. As I did more heriocs i just found that Frost was just so much better in terms of tps and survivability. With all the new changes to Blood though its looking like it will be pretty nice again for aoe and single target.

    I would more then likely be an in OT role. As I said this is my alt and it would all depend on who is coming back for Ulduar. (We only have 1 other DK tank atm and hasn't been around since we got 3D down awhile ago)

    Would I be ok in Ulduar25 for should I bang out a couple of Ulduar 10 mans first to get some more gear?

    Thanks again!

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