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Thread: Is It Possible to Solo BWL?

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    Me and a few other people did all of BWL. I think it was around 5-7 people. Anyways, at Nefarian, none of us hid when he cast Shadowflame. The damage from Shadowflame as a lvl 80 geared person is negleable really. It's not anywhere near as dangerous as it used to be at lvl 60. That and AMS negates it completely :P.

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    As a ToC / ICC geared Protection Paladin I've managed to solo every boss in BWL except for the first two, I bring a Resto / Feral Druid for these.
    For Razorgore (2-Man) I simply tank the room while my Druid friend destroys all the eggs
    For Vael (2-Man) I spec Ret, the Druid specs Feral and we burn, if I get the Adrenaline, I die, get a battle rez and keep going. If the Druid gets Adrenaline we run out of BWL and I rez him, or simply DI. Its basically just RNG.
    The only other real challenge is Chromaggus, if he has Time Lapse it's almost impossible to beat him in the conventional way. But if do it correctly you can now LoS it by positioning him in the doorway between Flamegor and Chrommy, and then moving behind the wall when he does a breath.

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    As a Feral Druid Tank and Frost DPS DK, my friend and I two man BWL every week to a pretty large profit. For about a half hour to fourty five minute run, we net about 500 gold each. Plus the elementium for the various legendarys we make. I hold a Hand of Rag, He holds a Thunderfury, we both hold a Scepter of the Shifting Sands.
    Isley the Insane - Feral Druid Tank
    Owner of Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros Main hand Warglaive of Azzinoth and the Scepter of the Shifting Sands.


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