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Thread: Prot War 10 man check

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    Prot War 10 man check

    Hi All,

    I've been 80 for about a week now and have been working on my reps and trying to work on my gear, but have had bad luck in 5 mans. However, my buddies want to take me to Naxx 10 and I want to make sure I have some OK gear to go in there. I don't believe I will be the MT, but more of a support/backup.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Any suggestions for gear/talents would be greatly appreciated.
    Glyphs are Revenge, Blocking, and Sunder Armor.

    Edit: Please ignore the lack of enchants. I plan on fixing that this afternoon.

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    Your 15/5/51 looks decent for the most part...

    I'd suggest getting 3/3 Improved Heroic Strike (If you're tanking, even O-tanking, You will fine yourself in some situations where you are spamming heroic strike non-stop, Patch, Gluth, Thaddius (First Part) all come to mind instantly)

    I'd also suggest dropping Iron Will, for Improved Charge (And the other point going into Improved Heroic Strike which you are 2/3 right now)

    Since your a warrior, and also an O-tank, gaining that huge initial boost from your charge + Bloodrage is extremely useful.

    Other than that I feel your spec is very good.

    Titanium Spike on your shield is okay I guess, but since you're O-tanking it won't have too much of an affect on your threat. You're well over the 540 Defense rating so I don't think you should have to worry about that.

    I'm not gonna mention anything about your enchants (You're missing a lot! ^_^) since you said you'd fix that, but I recommend the usual +Def ones, or hell even the + Health one to your chest since you're Def-Capped.

    With Sockets, I can see that you've used your BS Profession to Socket your bracers that's good! But you can and should also socket your gloves! +24 Stamina would be cool.

    Your Meta Gem is good, the blue +24s are standard, but I notice you have a +16 Parry gem in your bracers. Parry is something you should never gem for. The results are simply not worth it. I'd recommend either gemming for Dodge or just flat out Stamina.

    Glyph of Blocking is Standard that's a keeper.
    Glyph of Revenge...it's okay too I guess, but as an O-Tank, there are times where this will be useless, I'd much rather have Glyph of Heroic Strike.
    Glyph of Sunder Armor - Also sort of useless I feel, because it might be somewhat useful on Trash, but I dunno, I feel it's just sort of useless. If you want to pick up more threat on Trash, Glyph of Cleave is the way to go.

    Minors are somewhat iffy, I'd use Thunder Clap, Bloodrage, and Battleshout.

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    Thanks for the tips. I'll make some adjustments tonight.

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