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Thread: Shoutbox Returns!

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    Shoutbox Returns!

    Well, as many of you have noticed and bemoaned, the shoutbox was on vacation after last week's fun time. We spent that downtime poking around, seeing if anyone else was having attacks launched through their shoutbox, and other due diligence to do our best to make sure that the shoutbox was not an unnaceptable risk to TankSpot users.

    After researching and doing a little bit of code tweaking, we're happy to announce that the shoutbox is back online! It will be disabled for anyone using IE6 as a precaution, to better protect people still using that dinosaur.

    With that said, the Internet is still not a friendly place. The fact that today we see no risk in opening the shoutbox up again does not mean that tomorrow some smart guy will not find a vulnerability to exploit that could affect you. Everyone should be taking the steps necessary to protect themselves as best they can. Again, some simple steps:
    • Update your stuff! The Internet is not a friendly place. Turn on automatic updates.
    • Get an antivirus package and keep it updated. There are several vendors both free and not-free to choose from - Eset, McAfee, Symantec, Kapersky, AVG, Avast!, and so on. No matter what one you use - KEEP IT UPDATED.
    • Get rid of IE6. At the very least get up to IE7 or even better, IE8
    • Consider changing to Firefox, Opera, or Chrome
    • Regularly use an antispyware scanner such as AdAware or Spybot Search and Destroy (or both!)

    Take a half hour out of your playtime and learn how to protect yourself:

    A Beginner's Guide to the Internet
    Secure Online Behavior, Part 1: Introduction
    Secure Online Behavior, Part 2: E-Mail
    Secure Online Behavior, Part 3: Using the World WideWeb
    Basic Security Checklist for Home and Office Users
    Got a question? Try here: Evil Empire Guides and here: Tankspot Guides and Articles Library first!

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    You made the good decision IMO.

    I'm also happy to see Opera in the list of alternative browsers.
    Check-Raise, always.

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