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Thread: Warrior tank

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    Warrior tank

    hey, im just wondering if someone can goto my armory and see how my gear is and if i should do anything different with it.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    Nice gear. Better than mine, that's for sure, so take what I say with a big grain of salt.

    Your gloves aren't great. Everything else is a solid tier above that, but you already know that. Surprised you don't have the Tier 7.5 gloves. They could use a better enchant, too. That one is pretty much what you put on when you don't have an enchant ready

    Your spec is different to the "standard" but you probably have a good reason for that, so I'll leave it to more knowledgeable people to comment there.

    Your expertise is noticably low. This will be causing potential threat issues against high hitting DPS. You may be better off swapping out some stamina gems for expertise/stamina. You can afford the HP loss.

    You may also be better off swapping your parry/stam gem for expertise/stam. You have an unusually large amount of parry, which is (to my understanding) of fairly minimal value.

    You would probably get more value from stats to chest enchant than the raw HP one.

    I'm not sure how much hit rating is too much, but you certainly have a lot. Maybe you're on the cap. Not sure. But I suspect other things (especially gems) could have more value than hit.

    Your defense is over capped. By a lot. You can probably get that a fair bit down happily and still have some room for different gear sets, but... hell, how? You're not exactly gemming or enchanting for it.

    Tuskarr's Vitality or 22 stam might be a better enchant for the boots.

    That being said, everything I've commented on is on the understanding that you're referring to current content, which doesn't challenge survivability all that much, threat is a bigger issue. New content in Ulduar may well shift that balance, at least initially.

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    You "should" be giving quite a bit of your gear to me, but I understand that's not possible...

    Seriously, a white shirt? Go for the lumberjack shirt--something with color...you're not a pally--you're a Warrior!!
    -"Just like a buzzin' fly, I come into your life, I'll float away, like honey in the sun..."--Tim Buckley

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    You have some nice gear, but I think you've stacked a bit too much hit and not enough expertise. Since you're alliance and likely running with at least 1 Drenai you can afford to loose a good chunk of hit. I might try swapping some of the green +hit/stam for purple +expertise/stam or just straight +16 expertise to try and get to the 26 soft cap. If your'e not haveing issues with threat or parry hasting the bosses then I's say you're OK as is.

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    Haha Undying Achivement? I think your tanking is fine if that's the case =)

    15/5/51 couldn't hurt.

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    I do not like your gemming choices. It is nice to be over the hit cap (currently you are at 270 and the cap is 266) but it is not worth gemming for especially when you are not even soft capped on expertise. Expertise > Hit. You are ignoring all your socket bonuses which I tend to consider a waste. As someone else mentioned you do NOT want to gem for parry at all, it is by far the worst tanking stat for a prot warrior.

    Personally I would suggest following:

    Head - switch parry/stam for expertise/stam
    Shoulders - switch hit/stam for 16 expertise or at the very least expertise/stam
    Chest - consider switching to T7.5 chest if possible with 24 stam and 16 expertise or expertise/stam
    Hands - switch to T7.5 and use either 16 expertise or expertise/stam gem
    Belt - go for an Ablative Chitin Girdle - Item - World of Warcraft with two 24 stam gems
    Legs - switch to Legplates of Sovereignty - Item - World of Warcraft if you can get them off 25m mally, they are basically best in slot for a prot warrior
    Feet - get 22 stam on your boots and shoot for Sabatons of Endurance - Item - World of Warcraft as they are best in slot
    Switch out that Repelling Charge, you are getting to the point gear wise that you can remain over 540 while using a different trinket. If required enchant your shield for defense.
    JC!!! - You are a JC but haven't lvled it, being a JC is a HUGE advantage being able to throw in 41 stam gems or 27 expertise not to mention one of the best trinkets you can get for a prot warrior with a Figurine - Monarch Crab - Item - World of Warcraft to replace your repelling charge.

    You have nice gear but the upgrades I mentioned would make a noticable difference in both threat & hp. Especially if you re-consider going with the 15/5/51 spec to grab Deep Wounds as it is a huge addition to your damage & threat.

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