This is the spec I'm looking at to try blood tanking:

From comparing other blood specs, I think I took all the "necessities" of blood tanking. Though I've seen three different kinds of blood specs so far:
a). very deep into blood (+50 points) and only taking the other talents needed for tanking, essentially the 5/5 talents from unholy and frost.
b). fairly deep into blood (~45 points) and taking lichborne; my spec.
c). the sarth 3D specs

My questions/comments about my spec and blood tanking overall:
- Is 2/2 Epidemic absolutely necessary?
- Is Mark of Blood worth taking? It looks alright but I'm not sure about this one.
- Rune Tap and Imp Rune Tap looks amazing but I feel like Improved would just be overheals for myself; the points could go somewhere more beneficial (correct me if I'm wrong). I know there's a divided opinion on this. =p
- I've seen Blood Gorged in some specs but I'm don't think the points are worth it for the expertise and +damage that only comes if you only have over 75% health.
- Also seen some people take 5/5 Sudden Doom, thoughts about that?
- What about Annihilation? Would it matter if my Obliterates consume my diseases? I'm thinking not because I've seen a few specs that did not take this but did take Lichborne if they dipped into the frost tree.
- I've seen some posts on the WoW DK forum about "diseaseless blood tanking," what does that mean?

I'm fairly new to blood tanking and just recently tried looking more in-depth about it (have only been frost tanking). I'm aware that blood is going to have some changes in the next patch, but I'd like to see how blood tanking is now and make sure I take up the right talents so I can get a feel to decide if it's for me. Thanks for reading!