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Thread: UA viability for Tanking Warriors in 3.1?

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    UA viability for Tanking Warriors in 3.1?

    Hi all, thanks in advance to any in the community who can offer some advice. I play a prot warrior who is MT for my small guild. Since we often wind up running with fewer than 10 in our raids (9 being common and 8 on occasion) I'm really hoping to develop a tanking spec that allows for reasonable single target DPS so I can pitch in a bit more.

    With 3.1 I'll probably keep one spec with a slightly modified version of the DW Prot spec I'm running with (15/3/53 or there abouts) but with my Dual I was looking at something like this:

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    I do however have a couple of questions I thought you all might be able to lend a hand with.

    1.) With Unrelenting Assault does the 20% damage bonus to revenge stack with the 20% from Improved Revenge? And does it really lower the cooldown by 4 seconds? The idea of revenge with a 1 second cooldown and 40% damage boost is making me drool a little so I'll move on.

    2.) There are several things in this spec that are crit dependent and with the lack of crit stats on tanking gear will the effects of those talents really be noticed?

    3.) How much will I miss my talents above improved defensive stance in the proto tree from the perspective of survivability? I know that with the spec listed above I'll be down 2% EH 2 Expertise and all of Critical Block, but it doesn't seem like a huge hit provided I can make up with functionality in other ways.

    I should be clear that while this would predominately be used as a single target tanking spec I did invest a handful of spare points in things that would alow me to dps in battle-stance should the need arise.

    Thanks again for the halp,



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    I don't have any experience with such a spec myself, but Vene wrote an article about that a while ago, which you might be interested in: Review of the UA (37/2/32) Spec - Warriors - TankingTips.com

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    Ciderhelm -should- be releasing a video relating to UA spec for everyone to see shortly. There has been alot of discussion about it recently and it should answer the majority of your questions and ides. For the easy stuff though let me see if i can help you.

    1) Yes Revenge does do a sick amount of damage on a 1 second cooldown. It DOES bring the global cooldown for revenge down to 1 second so you can spam it constantly.

    2) Your revenge and heroic strike have increased chance to crit from the talents which you are given, but you shouldnt be using this spec to rely on the crits. It should rely on the enormous amount of damage and threat associated with revenge and shield slam, keeping HS on cooldown. I wont get too far into this as Cider's video should cover the majority of it, but you shouldnt concern yourself with the crit part too much.

    3) You are exactly correct. Dropping the 2% stam, expt and the blocking talents is not game breaking. Sure your shield slams wont have the possibility of getting the larger crits that they rely on now, however shield slam will still do a minor amount more damage then Revenge, so its worth using when its up (again more covered on this by Cider). However, the spamming of the very powerful revenge is going to add ALOT more damage at the cost of a very minor amount of survivability, which is what this spec is all about.

    Just a quick note. This spec is really the pinnacle of damage/threat while still being a maintank. It doesnt do as well on adds as a deep prot build would. It doesnt favor putting up debuffs of any kind (including sunder armor), and you have to have a gearset that will allow for revenge to be up almost indefinitely. I think the upcoming video should open alot of the communities eye's to how effective this spec could be.
    "If I'm doing a fight and I need more threat... I try harder. If I'm doing a fight and I need my taunts not to miss, then I wear hit." -Veneretio

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    With pre-3.1 boredom and extra gold burning through my pocket, I went ahead and respecced to the less powerful version of this build available on live. It was a marked increase in DPS (and considering the %of damage from revenge I'll assume TPS as well though I didn't do a parse).

    At this point I don't think I'll "enjoy" playing this spec as it feels incredibly spammy compared to deep prot. Ultimately though, I was looking for a spec to use as a tool for specific encounters where DPS needs a boost and AoE tanking is a non-issue, and I think it will be a stellar tool in those circumstances.

    Thanks Magnuss and Naka for the quick responses. I'm excited to see the video when it makes its debut.

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