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Thread: How am I doing DK Tank

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    How am I doing DK Tank

    New to TankSpot my trusty warrior Tank pointed me to this site, love it by the way.

    Just wanted to get some of your opinions on my spec / and how I am gemmed and enchanted.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I was having an issue with single target Boss threat and this website helped me out alot, its funny the things you overlook when your first start tanking. All I could think about at first was eww I get to have alot of HP, found out the hard way that its just like anything in WoW over emphasizing one stat is a no no.

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    drop ravenouse dead and get merciless combat also drop hit rating a bit and get more stam and expertise. shouldnt have all those 16 hit gems get a 8 hit 12 stam at least
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    I had 30k unbuffed at one point but the DPS in my Guild are insane I was having major issues keeping threat on fights like Saph where the boss is not taunt-able, swapped out some stam gems for hit because I checked Recount and I was missing an awful lot, swapped those out for hit rating, problem solved.

    Our top 10 dps are pushing 4.5k on most fights, and can’t pull anything off of me even with Bloodlust/heroism up as soon as the fight starts, I love it bosses die fast. just wondering what you all are experiencing and how much hit are most of you running with.

    Ravenous Dead = more Parry, and Merciless Combat is a waste IMO, it does nothing for your Threat Gen until Bosses are below 35% HP your threat should be through the roof by then.
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    Well said Riptye =) I was going to say the same about Merciless Combat. Ravenous Dead isn't amazing, but the Str is very nice for bumping up the scaling a bit.

    Your gear looks fine, though you would very much benefit from more expertise. For the sake of your OB and BS which I'm guessing you use a fair amount, you can still improve the hit chance on those and your melee auto-attacks by double the value pt for pt as hit rating. That said the hit rating you have is very important for IT, HB, FS and RS, so no need to play that down at all. I do notice you aren't using all three jewler gems (unless you're using the crab where your netherwing trinket is =D), if I'm right though you can find a way to work that in for more stam, or hit rating I suppose, or expertise if the mood strikes.

    There are only 2 small changes you may want to try with your spec. If you have a druid in your raids swap the points from Frost Aura into Chill of the Grave. Imp Gift of the Wild gives 75 resist all that doesn't stack with the aura (so they only lose 5 pts) The extra RP from Chill of the Grave will buff your threat directly and let you do more FS's. I'm not sure what glyphs you have, but with Betrayer I'd highly recommend glyph of FS and OB and use those moves heavily (get used to OB'ing a lot now, it will proc Rime in 3.1), though I'd still use HB before OB when it's available on anything that has more than one mob you want threat on. Ravenous Dead is fine, though the parry gain is pretty small per point (~4-5 parry rating per point with your gear and raid buffs), but the AP gain per point with Bladed Armor is MUCH bigger. I'd swap one pt from Ravenous Dead to fill out Bladed Armor. That will probably net you about 100-120 more AP.

    One other thing to consider is whether or not you have an Enhancement Shaman in your raids always. If you do you may want to reconsider Imp Icy Talons. The 5% self-only melee haste is nice, but maybe not worth 6 pts. Those 6 pts could probably get you more help in 2-hand Spec, Subversion (to play up the BS/OB dmg more still), filling out Ravenous Dead AND Bladed Armor, Epidemic (to buy you more time between disease refreshes to OB/HB your heart out), Virulence (check your miss rates on HB/IT, if they're 3-4% or more it may be worth some points, especially if you don't have Misery or Imp FF from an spriest/boomkin), and/or Dark Conviction (I put this last, but it's 1-5% crit on melee AND spells so it's a base dmg increaser for everything you do).

    Things to consider, but I surely don't think there's anything faulty or misguided with what you're doing so far.

    (For future reference, the forum to post this in is HALP! Armory and Talent Suggestions/Help)
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    As satorri mentioned, please in the future, make armory posts in the armory forum we have.


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