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Thread: How far can this gear take me?

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    How far can this gear take me?

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    This is kind of a two part question. I know my spec/glyph is... different, but it makes tanking heroics easy mode and will be changed to a 15/5/51 derivitive. My first question, is how far can I push tanking without putting "undue stress" on the healers. Secondly, I see a lot of tanks just hitting 540 def and then stacking sta/exp, though a lot of guides saying all you need is 21k hps for starting Naxx. With avoidance DR, is stacking def or dodge/agi worth it over sta? Also, what would be a good direction to go with stats/gear? Being as my guild doesn't do any steady raiding, I pug what I can and am working on the an trinket, up sword, and vh pants.

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    I'm a fan of high stam. Especially for Uldaur -- you want to have a solid cushion of HP for your healers to react. The only reason to consider stacking +def is to build more avoidance, but you're usually better off stacking pure dodge/parry/block. I've not seen any successful def stacking tanks, but that's not to say they don't exist.

    21k hp for starting Naxx? Maybe in optimal conditions with an amazing healer and a solid MT you could get by, but it wouldn't be a breeze.

    With your current gear you could probably start 10 man naxx, while you're in there, talk to your healers and see what they have to say.
    Just say: "How am I doing?"
    You'll get one of 4 responses:
    1) "You're dropping in big chunks." -means you need more hp.
    2) "You're consistently losing more than I can heal." -means you need more avoidance.
    3) "You're not holding aggro well enough" -means you need more hit/exp.
    4) "You're doing fine." -means keep doing what you're doing.
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    When I just looked, he has 26861hp unbuffed which is... very good.

    I'm currently just a tad ahead of you, just brought Bracers of Dalaran's Parapet or w.e and it gave me a considerable boost in HP (600HP?) and only 2pts lost in Defense (went from 543 to 541)

    I don't think the bracers show yet, but this is me currently.
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    My unbuffed HP is around 27674, with the new bracers.. my new one's aren't showing yet
    My new spec is what I'd like for you to comment on. I don't want to hijack this thread but I don't think my question suffices a brand new thread for an easy answer.

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    stacking defense IS better than stacking pure avoidance gems on your gear. it increases the chance for a mob to miss you, and increases all of your avoidances, and block, by a amount that is less harsh on DR. i wouldn't stack defense gems, you will naturally get it from gear after 540, and this is good. anything over 560 is a bit excessive unless your making a block set.

    your fine to do 10 man nax with this gear, i would even take you as an off tank for most of 25 nax, just not construct quarter.

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