<Celestial Knights> A Bladefist US. CK is actively recruiting members level 70+ to join our ranks. We are a casual raiding guild with interest in all aspects of the game. We currently have 10-person raids farming Naxx, Obsidian Sanctum, and Vault, and are working at getting the team through Eye of Eternity.

We would like to develop a 25-person team to expand our raid base and grow our guild, especially with Ulduar around the corner. CK is a fun but mature guild - we like to have fun, progress through content, but not take things too seriously and understand RL commitments. Most of us work full time, go to school, or have busy family lives, and so our raiding times and other activities revolve around RL schedules. Many of us have been gaming together for a few years, and we like our WoW time to be stress free!

We are interested in all classes and specs, and are especially interested in adding a few hunters, resto-shawmen, tanks, and shadow priests. No gear requirements to join the guild - we prefer people to be a good fit to the guild over gear-checks - but to come on raids we ask that people meet some basic stats for your class.

Raid times are mostly based on CST and EST timezones, although Bladefist is a PST server - and our raid schedule respects people's day-job schedules. Currently we raid:

Wed - 7pm EST/4pm server: 10-person OS or other quick run

Fri- 7pm EST/4pm server - 10 person Naxx - 2 quarters

Sat - 7pm EST/4pm server - 10 person Naxx - completion

Sun - open to tie up any lose ends!

* Raid times are flexible

If you are interested in learning more hit us up in game
Vesanna - GM
Freefaller - GM
Minuette - officer
Bimbax - officer
Tatesmain - officer

And visit our website at celestial-knights.guildportal.com