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Thread: Prot paladin expertise and hit rating

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    Prot paladin expertise and hit rating

    Well I have been a ret paladin for a long time and a few months ago started working on tanking. Right now I have what I feel is a decent pre-naxx set. The only additional item to my set that I will have in the next day or so is the Fireproven Gauntlets - Item - World of Warcraft.

    What I am looking for is the importance of expertise and hit for a paladin tanking and what numbers I should be looking for. I did find some conversion numbers that 8.2 expertise rating is equivelant to 1 expertise point at level 80. Also that the cap is around 26 points. Also I found a comment that indicated that expertise is not as valuable for a paladin as hit. I just need some help understanding how those two things work for a paladin to help improve my tanking ability. Also any suggestions on enchants/gear/gem would be appreciated.

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    Out of your arsenal, only the white melee attack can be parried, and Hammer of the Righteous can be "deflected", which apparently is some fancy word for a parry when it concerns a ranged attack.

    Also there is that glyph, which gives you a really solid chunk of expertise skill.

    So, being a paladin, do not gem or enchant for expertise under any circumstances, and do not pick + expertise gear, unless it is superior anyway.

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    Honestly, I wouldn't bother looking for +exp gear (or even +hit for that matter) Other mainstream tanking stats are far more important, and as a paladin threat usually isn't too big of a problem.

    Sure, there are some good tanking items that happen to have some +hit/exp on them and by all means take advantage of them. Definitely do not bother with gems or enchants -- stick with Stam/Str/Def.

    Missing with Avengers Shield sucks, but it rarely results in deaths. Your hunters should be MDing you anyway, and you have several other skills at your disposal to pick up the mess.
    (Side note, if you're having aggro problems, pop Avenging Wrath before pulling.)
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    Hit is significantly better than expertise but not really worth worrying about capping. Just take what's on your gear and treat it as any other threat stat.
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