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Thread: Tankadin Seeking Advice

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    Tankadin Seeking Advice

    Hello, I am a Tankadin with many concerns to the different opinions on how our class should gear for current Heroic content. I am consistantly reading some threads saying gear/gem/enchant for threat. Others say gear/gem/enchant for avoidance. Here is my take on things, as a paladin its actually very easy to reach the mitigation cap 102.4% while figuring in 30% for holy shield. Also I never have any problems with threat and my guild has warlocks pulling 6K dps on Patchwerk who aren't even specced/enchanted/gemmed for threat reduction. Even on fights like Maly and Heigan threat isn't an issue. So my theory for gearing is I should continue to maintain the mitigation cap while trying to continually replace block with dodge, and then just stack stamina. In doing so am I prioritizing incorrectly, also is my theory just plain wrong?

    Thanks for reading this and your replies.

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    That strategy should be fine. I would think you're good on stam, but it would never hurt to have a plan to emphasize it a little more when ulduar rolls around - that place is going to be an EH fest at first, and I would personally work on your spec some since Reckoning bonus swings don't proc seals and white swings alone aren't very significant to us.

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    Your plan and gear seems solid, man. better than mine in spots, and I'm envious of your blacksmithing sockets.

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    Tankwell, I'm not calling you a liar, but I find it hard to believe that you need any advice. You've got very solid gear/stats, it looks like you've got things figured out pretty well.

    As far as itemization budgeting goes, you'd be better off with +def on your chest and shield rather than the +stam/hp -- but you're already crit-immune, and re-gemming your gear would only result in a difference of about 20 stam.

    You could stack defense beyond the crit threshold. With your gear you could probably get to around 570 skill defense and still boast over 30k hp. Stacking +def is attractive because it doesn't suffer from diminished returns like stacking parry/dodge. I've never seen anyone do it with noteworthy success though, so you'd probably just look like an idiot.

    All-in-all, I'd say you're perfect. The only thing I'd change is dropping your shield enchant for Titanium Plating -- you clearly don't need the 18 stam, and 40 BV is nothing to shake a stick at.
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