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Thread: Help with T7.5

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    Help with T7.5

    Ok so you can check me out on the armory scarlet crusade name is Sarthe. Heres my issue im a tank for my guild. Very small guild we rarely run raids maybe once a month. I currently have the T7 sholders for my tank set. Last night while dpsing and OTing Naxx25 I won the T7.5 sholders. Now after looking at them there not a huge upgrade for my tank set but my dps set is using these blue mail sholders. Should I replace my tank sholders or upgrade my dps sholders. Most of the time if im running raids with other guilds I dps. Occasionally OTing. And yes I do it in the spec I have currently. I know its very jacked up but with my gear im pushing 2900 dps and tanking everything that is thrown at me. So please help me decide which to get my T7.5 dps or tank sholders. Remember I currently have the T7 tank sholders and the cruddy blue ones Im wearing on my armory is my dps ones. Thanks Sarthe.

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    This question is a lot simpler than you're making it out to be.

    What do you want to do, or enjoy doing more?

    If you like being a tank more than dps then get your t7.5 tanking shoulders (even if I hesitantly tell you that nothing but the tier gloves are worthwhile outta the tanking set)

    If you're only tanking because somebody has to and you're rather be DPSing get your 7.5 DPS shoulders.

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    Quite so, the choice is which set is most important to you.

    If you want to be MT and make the most of your tank set, the upgrade, however apparently small, is worth it. But if you OT and dps a lot, it may go further to get a proper piece in your dps set. Simple, as Cornix said. =)
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