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Thread: Rate my DK gemming

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    Rate my DK gemming

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    So I've been looking around to find out how to gem well. I'm still not sure if I'm doing it right, should I try for more expertise instead of dodge? Or maybe try for hit?

    Any criticism or advice is well appreciated.

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    I would suggest getting at least 26 expertise and at least 200 hit (higher is better). You could take out those 8dodge/12stam gems and put in 16hit, 8exp/12stam, 16exp, 8hit/12stam, or 24stam. You don't really need to worry about the hit/exp if you don't have any DPS riding you in threat on boss fights.

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    I agree with Grief, except with the expertise, I'd still make expertise a priority to eliminate some parries from the boss fights. parry gibs aren't a big problem anymore but you'll still take less incoming damage if you eliminate some potential parry haste the bosses will get. It will also increase TPS/DPS the more you eliminate dodge/parry chance.

    I'd go for ~200 hit as well. More isn't bad. Just try to avoid going over 14% spell hit, after that you can gain 3% from talents, and (armory is down so i dont know your faction) If you are alliance 1% from Heroic Presence if you raid with a dranei. A few other buffs such as improved fairy fire etc. but 14% is all you need.

    8% for melee, 264 Hit rating. 224 with a food buff will give you this number (which is really all you need as a DK) Unbuffed 264 is useful but not a great priority. I'd personally go for 26 expertise before the Hit Cap.

    Personally I wouldn't gem for dodge. Dodge is an easy enough stat to get with gear scaling. Without JCing (although you'll be greatly overcapped) You can stack Defense Rating through rune of SSG, Repelling Charge trinket, and passive dodge rating from the emblem trinket.

    I went a different route after getting my repelling charge. +22 Defense to chest, a 16 defense gem in my Figurine - Monarch Crab, +41 Stamina and rune of Swordshattering. Just to gain a higher parry chance before Diminishing Returns without being drastically overcapped. Still hold at a nice 24.56% dodge and 22.37% Parry with it.

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    As Frost, I think Expertise is important, but you may see more benefit from hit rating. As Frost, OB and BS only among your major threat factors will really see the improvement of Exp, but they really will see more improvement up to 26 exp. IT, HB, FS, and RS on the other hand get no improvement from it, but IT and HB are very demanding of hit.

    Generally your gems seem fine, but I think you're over-emphasizing stamina and neglecting a couple socket bonuses that could improve your net benefit (bracers + belt).

    If you can find a way to do it, I think you'll see a better net effect if you can buff up your def on your gear (Repelling Charge, +def to chest) and swap SG rune for SS. You'll get a nice jump up in avoidance and you're already rocking a giant health pool.
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