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Thread: 3.1 Frost tank build

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    3.1 Frost tank build

    http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?deathknight=0050000000000000000000000000305050303 5203310030120131351035202000100000000000000000000& glyph=072414040602&version=9757

    This is what I plan on using for 3.1. Glyph of Howling Blast just seems to useful to pass up if you're full Frost. Does anyone know just how useful Glyph of Dark Command is? Does non-glyphed talent fail often enough for it to be a useful major glyph? Was also considering Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell, but the extra 2 seconds just seem to match up with the other major glyphs.

    Comments and advice appreciated.

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    I think this might work a little better

    If your going to glyph HB, why bother with Epidemic? You should be casting HB every 8 seconds, so Frost Fever should be constantly up on all targets.

    From my understanding, Killing Machine rank 4 and rank 5 are not that different, so you can save a point by not maxxing it.

    Hungering Cold, is still not that useful. If your spamming HB as often as you can (which, as Frost, you should be), the Frost Fever application is of no use, and you'll break Hungering Cold every cast.

    Max out Blood of the North. Increase in Frost Damage and turning Blood runes into Death Runes is going to help in getting more Obliterates in. Acclimation is not that useful, from my experience, and might only be worthwhile as a second spec of magic bosses.

    I like Improved Icy Talons, and would recommend taking 2 points out of Virulence and finishing that portion of the tree instead.

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    Adjusted build with 5 points to spend:
    http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?deathknight=0050000000000000000000000000305050103 4203310030025131351005002000000000000000000000000& glyph=140000040605&version=9757

    Good point on the Epidemic talent, I hadn't thought of that. I currently use Hungering Cold mostly to apply frost fever, so dropping it frees up another point.

    I think Deathchill is too useful to pass up for only 1 talent point. Deathchill + Howling Blast is great initial agro on larger groups of mobs.

    I also find the 2 points in Chill of the Grave useful, especially when I'm looking for runic power in a hurry for Anti-magic shield, Icebound Fortitude or ghoul sacrifice. Plus it makes Frost Strike almost constantly available when all runes are on CD.

    Acclimation also seems useful to me. Seems to proc often enough that I rarely find magic dmg to be a problem for me.

    This build has 5 points left unspent. Most likely I would spend them in Bladed Armor, Icy Talons (seems to match well with points spent in Killing Machine), or Virulence (maybe more helpful for higher-end raiding).

    For the 2 open major glyphs, I am undecided between Dark Command, Icebound Fortitude and Unbreakable Armor.

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    Don't waste points in icy talons, chances are a shaman will be raiding with you and WF will overide it, my suggestion is to take points out of that and chill of the grave, from there put it into finishing KM and Icy reach is really nice if you can get it due to opening threat when pulling.

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    I'm not a fan of Icy Reach - it only has any real use for tanking at the start of a pull, and casting it earlier, could make positioning the boss harder (he runs at you, pass the tanking area, now you need to position him).

    If you ask me, put three of those points into Ravenous Dead, and get the 3% bonus to strength. This should help you with threat generation (+AP) and avoidance (+parry) (not by much, but it should help).

    That leaves two points left over, so you can put it into Morbidity (faster DnD in case of agroing patrols) or Virulence, for higher hit ratings. Of course, you can put two into Bladed Armor (as, from my understanding, 1 point in Bladed Armor is better then 1 point in 2-Handed Weapon Specialization).

    For glyphs, I would go with Unbreakable Armor and Icebound Fortitude, as these should help you tank better. I rarely see Dark Command fail, unless the boss is immune (ie. Sapphirion) and, if you take Virulence, it should hit 99% of the time.

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    http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?deathknight=0050000000000000000000000000305050003 5203310030025131351025002300000000000000000000000& glyph=141624040605&version=9757

    I like this as a final build. I agree with moving the 1 point from Icy Talons to finish maxing Killing Machine. I run with 5 points in KM now and it procs fairly often. The 2 points in Chill of the Grave seem more useful to me than Icy Reach. It's what I currently use, and I almost never have to wait for runic power for my mitigation talents.

    I went with 3 points in Ravenous Dead and 2 in Virulence for the final 5. The 3% strength plus ghoul buff seem to make RD better than Bladed Armor.

    I agree with the final two glyph choices too. Does anyone know the math for what defense level will guarantee 30% damage reduction from Icebound Fortitude? At that point it would become a useless glyph, but I'm sure that would require near top-end gear to reach.

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    This is pretty much what your build should look like for 3.1, you should also be using Frost Strike, Obliterate, Icy Touch, Howling Blast, or Death and Decay glyphs (take the 3 you need/want).

    Unholy Command = Bad talent

    You almost always want at least 4/5 Bladed Armor but 5/5 is best. Morbidity is one of your best talents and any tank should take it. You never want Epidemic in a Frost build because the single-target rotation doesn't require it and with the added duration to diseases in 3.1 it makes it even more worthless for Frost. Virulence is pretty useless for Frost since most of your attacks will be unaffected. Ravenous Dead is an OK talent but its no where near better then Bladed Armor and the ghoul 'buff' is weak for a nonDPS spec.

    The IBF Glyph is a PvP glyph you should have at least 30% just for being at 540 defense. I personally never use Glyph of Dark Command because I rarely (if ever) have to taunt in a raid. I'm not 100% sure what glyphs I'll be using but I think I'll be going with FS, OB, and UA.

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    Never EVER take your points out of Chill of the Grave. EVER.
    Frost Strike can and WILL be almost 30% of your damage, and it will do more damage than your Obliterate at times. Not only that but Rune Strike costs RP as well, so splitting between the two is difficult in any case, even with BoSanc. More RP means more threat, less GCDs wasted and more damage you're putting out for your raid. Not to mention that the runic power gains you get from Chill of the Grave generates threat in of itself.

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    I may have been wrong about the Glyph of IBF, it may actually give you 30% base and then add the extra % from Defense.

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    set bonus 3.1= more emphasis n rune strike spamming your going to need more RP to spam them more, second tier blood second thing( computers messed up atm cant see the name of it)

    also second tier of blood 3rd icon 4% increased damage x206=8.something % increased threat from runestrikes /frost/plague strike/ any available auto attacks.

    I dont think I speced into frost /improved frost tallens should have an enhance shammy or a frost dps dk in the raid. other than that I dont really remember aythig specificly different about my spec from your other than most of my points are filled in , and most of you specs are really wack and have points just kinda thrown in in many different places... maby im wrong but im sure that im one of the better dk tanks around..

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    http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?deathknight=0055001000000000000000000000305050003 5203310030125131351005000000000000000000000000000& glyph=241417040605&version=9757

    This is the latest build I've come up with. After working the 5 points into Bladed Armor, I went 1 more into Blood for Rune Tap just as an extra safety button. Most people seem to dislike Acclimation, but it has been too useful for me to pass up. I also kept 1 point in Hungering Cold for this build. It has saved me several times having some CC ability when 2 or 3 group members go down. I'm then able to freeze mobs and kill them 1 at a time.

    I'd like to have Morbidity, but just can't find where I would take the 3 points. I generally only use Death and Decay to begin a pull anyway. Howling Blast seems to hold agro well enough after that for larger pulls. In my experience, if I needed another DnD laid down, I was usually waiting for runes, not the talent CD.

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    You most likely won't ever use Hungering Cold. You most likely won't ever use Rune Tap. You most likely won't ever use Acclimation. All three talents are pretty much useless except for situations you rarely encounter. I'd go with 3 points in Scent of Blood and 2 points in Morbidity.

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    Acclimation isn't that bad of a choice. It is passive, and it does reduce damage, which does make it a good tanking ability, especially with Uldar coming out soon - it could be a life saver in some encounters that we do not know about. As well, with Rune Tap, with it's 30 second cooldown, it's probably not worth taking, as it doesn't heal for all that much.

    I'd Drop a point in Deathchill (DnD + Icytoch + Pestilence + Blood Tap + HB should be enough to grap agro on trash) and Rune Tap, and put both points into Morbidity.

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    I honestly think this is better but mmo hasnt updated their talents to match the games.... so to me this still isnt even the best...

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    TO STewies build:
    To me, if you are going to take Chill of the Grave - you might as well take Runic Mastery to keep yourself from hitting the Runic cap as much as possible. As well, no point to put any point into Icy Talons, unless your going to go all the way with it.

    I'm not a fan of Deathchill, since it's only good for initial agro and I find my HB crits often enough as is. I would prefer to put that talent point into something to sustain threat in the long run.

    The points into Deathgrip I see as going into Morbidity, depending on your style. I prefer Morbidity on the basis of grabbing agro from patrols that might randomly come by, and use Dark Command instead of Death grip, if DG is on CD.


    This still leaves 5 points unused, which you can put into either Bladed Armor (more threat) or Ravenous Dead + Deathrgip/Morbidity (a little less threat, but a slight increase in avoidance due to strength = parry).

    As a side note, I'd prefer if Rime functioned like Sudden Doom, and cast a HB on your Obliterate Target, instead of refreshing HB and no rune casting.

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    The only thing is when you put 5 points into blood of the north and use your bloodstrike and turn it into a death rune i dont think it will give you the parrying percentage amount.... and theres no need to get anniahlation if your using death strike instead of obliterate.... and i get the endless winter to make mind freeze consume no rune power so i dont have to worry about it...plus getting the unholy comman really is no need at all if you get icy reach and i grab epidemic so i dont have to worry so much on casting icy touch and plague strike so much

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    [http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/deathknight/talents.html?tal=20502000000000000000000000032525051030321101212001 31350035200000000000000000000000000

    heres a better talent plave for what we're talking about cause its up to date you have to go down to the bottom of the page where the numbers are and highligh those and copy it over to your quote...

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    errrr nvm that didnt work

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    On Blade Barrier: Even if the blood runes are Death Runes, when you use the Death Runes, they still count as Blood Runes for Blade Barrier, so you still get the extra parry/damage reduction as well as an extra Oblitertae.

    Why are you using Death Strike if your Frost Tanking? There's lots of talents in Frost that improve Obliterate total damage, and the healing gained from Death Strike isn't worth much, unless you talent it up (Blood tree).

    I think something is up with the link, since I didn't take any points into Endless Winter.

    Icy Reach, to me, only helps in the first pull. I think Unholy Command is better, since, not only does it make the mob target you, it also repositions it to be in the crowd, where you can AoE it with the rest if them, which is good for casters who are on the loose.

    As stated earlier, Epidimic is useless to Frost Tanks in 3.1, with HB now applying Frost Fever (Glyph) and the diseases being given a longer life time.

    From reading WoWhead's comments, 5/5 Killing Machine procs 5 times a minute (12s), which makes me believe 4/5 procs 4 times a minute (15s), for the sake of an extra 3 second between procs, I'll place an extra talent point else where.

    Here's my old talent build from an earlier comment with the latest mmo talent calculator:

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    well you'll still need lichborn for the extra 25% chance for enemies to miss you and you'll need butchery and scent of blood in the blood tree to help gain more rune power to cast frost strike more often especially since it cant be dodged blocked or parried

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