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Thread: Please comment my toon

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    Please comment my toon

    Not so worried about the spec right now just working on gear.

    I'm lacking some stats just wondering what I should be aiming for as an OT/TrashT. Helm and shoulder chants aside (working on rep now) should I be stacking block?


    - Kovacs

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    Your gear is fine for tanking just about anything. As you already know, your helm and shoulder enchants need to be replaced. I'd recommend putting a proper tanking enchant on your gloves, but that's your call.

    - 1/2 Improved Judgements is all you need, 2/2 actually screws up your rotation
    - Reckoning is wasted if you use SoV (which you should be) since it can't proc on it
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    Update the enchant on your helm. The helm itself is fine until you get a Thaneís, Vital Protection or Tier 7/7.5.

    Throw a good enchant on the shoulders, yes they are a blue, but shoulders are annoying to get. You should be focusing on the Tier 7/7.5 for them as they are clearly best in slot for Paladins.

    Cloak is fine.

    Chest is fine.

    Bracers are solid and will last you for a while, the only real upgrade from them are the ones from Raz 25.

    Weapon is fine, enchant is alright, the other option being Potency, but they are so close it doesnít matter much there.

    Ditch the Shield Spike, 20 Defense on shield is very good, and will help you out more. If you want Threat, 40 Block Value is the better enchant.

    Trinkets are alright, though replace the Sonic Booster with either a Valor Medal or an Essence of Gossamer depending on if you want avoidance or health.

    Rings are good.

    Boots are alright, the BoV ones are better for Paladins, so you will eventually want those, but the Sabatons are good for now, and will last a long while.

    Legs are good.

    Belt is good.

    Gloves are fine, but I suggest Armsman for the enchant, the Pyro Rocket isnít really that great, except in PVP where itís good to knock people off flags from far away. However, come patch the 800 armor enchant from engineers is pretty solid too, and you may want to grab that instead.

    Your spec is alright, but there are some weird points spent (Reckoning, extra point in Imp Judgement) however, I donít see any ďMandatoryĒ talents you are missing; and as you opted to avoid Kings, there are some filler points you have to take, either Reckoning, Divine Guardian or Imp HoJ, or else you canít get deeper into the tree.

    Your health is fine to tank almost anything in the game, though your avoidance is a little low, but thatíll come with upgrades to those blues and more Naxx 25 stuff is filled out. If you are focused on tanking trash, or as an OT though, try and get the tanking trinket from H VH from the dog, as it both gives a substantive boost to your block rating as well as a good threat use.

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