Instead of bumping my old 3.1 blood spec thread I'll just make a new one.

I'm focusing mainly on a MT spec that can balance both threat and survivability.

So far what I got: 48/13/10

This one kind of feels random. I will be using DS more than OB but the Annihilation talent still is good with the crit increase. I'm still just playing around with specs.

Any advise from the experts of tankspot!

Other ideas is I can move the 3 points from Annihilation and add one point into rune tap and the other 2 into improved rune tap or two-handed specialization.


Or even move the 2 points into Improved Blood Presence which I personally like.

And as for the 2 points in Icy Reach, I decided to keep those 2 talents because now I got it used to my tanking. I like the long range IT to help get pulls or keep the aggro on the boss while he is running around doing something. Plus I don't think Runic Power Mastery is worth it. I never had a problem with RP.