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Thread: New Death Knight Tank

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    New Death Knight Tank

    So just last Thursday (4-2-09) I hit 80 and ive been messing with spec and gems and i just hit def cap so now i was just wondering what is next for gear and what ever

    One thing i know i need to change is my first trinket, I'll probably end up getting the badge trinket.

    The World of Warcraft Armory (HP is acctually 25319 with frost on armory doesnt show that?)

    Suggestions or links to gear guides would be wonderful.
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    Try this as a gear guide:
    Loot Rank for WotLK

    I left OS10 and OS25 on in the filters, as they should be easy to PUG and get some decent gear.

    Pick up some talents. Mining gives a +50 to stamina, BS gives extra sockets, JC really nice gems. Personally, I went JC and Echanting - JC for gems, and Enchanting for the +stam to rings and gold.

    As well, you don't need 5 points in Desecration - 4 is enough to keep it up 100% of the time. Here's a suggested modified build:
    WorldofWarcraft.com -> Info -> Classes -> Death Knight -> Talent Calculator

    I feel the decrease in magic damage is better then some of the increase in white damage abilities you went with. Useful in Heroics, where bosses are using magic quite often (and, you never know the abilities of the healers you group with).

    I recommend running regular HoL for the Seal of the pantheon, which is useful for DKs (almost mandatory, unless you want to use the Gragoyle rune) to keep us defense capped.

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    Do you recommend me staying UH or should i go frost again

    Also what about the Colossal war Axe i have it in my bags but i prefer the Titansteel for more stand strength

    I also have the Red-Sword of Courage in my bags i just need to get the Cloudstriders Axe and id go DW tank for more Def.

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    I'm a Frost tank, so I'm biased about it. I like Frigid Dreadplate (+3% to miss) and having 3 tanking cooldowns (IBF, UA, and Lichborne).

    However, both Unholy and Frost are very gear independent. I'm tempted to say go Frost, as Bone Shield is actually very gear dependent (the higher your avoidance, the longer it stays up, which makes it better then Unbreakable Armor on bosses, when your avoidance is high).

    There's a huge debate over 2H vs. DW. I'm a 2H kind of guy, since I don't have to worry about misses and parry hasting (when an enemy parries, his next attack comes sooner; likewise, when you parry, your next white attack comes sooner, so a 2H gives a little extra oomph when you parry). I can't really compare the bonuses of 2 Tank Swords vs. 1 2H Weapon. But, you should keep your Titansteel, since it is one of the best tanking weapons in the game.

    Another bonus of 2H tanking, is that there's more free talents points.

    If your interested, here's the build I'm using. Compare mine with the one I posted above and see which interest you more (also, if I could get an Unholy DK to post their spec, that would be great, as it's probably better then the one I posted above).
    WorldofWarcraft.com -> Info -> Classes -> Death Knight -> Talent Calculator

    I'm using this spec to main tank for Naxx25 and having no problems with it.

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    I would say Frost is the best beginner DK tank spec because of the flexibility it has to offer. You should focus on stacking stamina gems once you hit 540 Defense (uncrittable) and you should use a 2hander (never DW tank).

    I would say to use a spec like this: WorldofWarcraft.com -> Info -> Classes -> Death Knight -> Talent Calculator

    Since you aren't an Orc stick with the Titansteel Destroyer. You probably should go and buy the Tempered Titansteel Helm and if possible the Titansteel Earthguard Ring. You basically need to run heroics and OS. I'm certain you could MT 10man OS and OT 25man OS, either way they both have nice tanking piece that drop and that you need.

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    Just something to add to Griefnights build.

    I would, personally, would take those points in Icy Reach, and place them in Runic Mastery, so that you can build up more RP for Frost Strikes. Most pulls (on trash) are opened with DnD, so the range bonus on Icy Reach is lost. On bosses, most come running to you, so the bonus on Icy Reach will only be made available on the initial pull.

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    Ya i have the Titansteel helm in my bags also im just using the blue one due to the fact of more def and i need to be uincritable, When i get home from school in an hour or so ill post and see what i can run and get soem more opinions, thanks for the tips and help so far guys.

    What do you guys also think about tanking 10 man naxx because im trying to gear up and some friends in the guild want to tank 10 man naxx to gear me.
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    While I don't think you are geared for 10man Naxx, if they want to take you with them, I say take them up on the offer, as long as they know your gear. You should be able to OT with a decent healer keeping you up (bring a long some DPS gear to help on DPS for those solo tanking bosses).

    I also recomend grinding rep with Argent Dawn for the head enchant (+37 stamina and +20 defense rating) , as well, the Sons of Holdir (+20 Dodge and +15 Defense rating). Grinding rep with Wyrmrest will give you their chest piece, which is one of the best defensive chests pre-Naxx.

    As well, grind rep with Kirin Tor, since you'll be doing a lot of repairing there, so getting a discount on repairs will be nice.

    Pick up some echantments and be famillair with what gems you need. A pieces may be lower in Defense, but you can gem it to give it a boost. Look into getting Greater Defense on your chest, Titanwave on your cloak, Arms Man on your gloves, and +40 Stam in your bracers, when you get a decent pair (I recomend, as well, if you got the gold, to buy Bracers of Dalaran's Parapets, which are BoE Valor Emblem gear, that people tend to sell. On my server, you can buy a pair off of someone for 1.5-2k each).

    And, as I said, run HoL as many times as you can. That Seal of Patheon is going to be of great assistance in getting defense capped.

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    I just respeced back to frost and i got the Wyrmcrest chest, I don't know if armory has updated yet, I'm currently trying to get into a OS

    And about those bracers I acctualy had a guild friend who was trying to get them for me for pretty much free havent heard word on how its going but im saving up for them or going to try and get the Old Kingdom bracers.

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