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    I just recently hit lvl 80 and have been working on getting the gear I will need to be able to tank heroics and eventually naxx. My question is what should I change and what do I need to work on the most? I am still working on wyrmrest rep but what else should I focus on? Thx in advance

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    You need more stam. I mean for heroics I'd say like 24k is fine. You just need more stam. Also, side note, take your points out of imp demo shout and booming voice and put them in armored to the teeth, imp HS, and impale.

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    I know I need more stam, but what should I give up to get it? everything I've read tells me to be at 540 def so don't wanna give to much of that up, any help is appreciated. I know that i needed to retalent a bit, but thx for pointing out which to change and where

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    keep the 540 defense you'll need that and having that early allows you to play around alittle. ya try the 15/5/51 talent tree you can find that on this site. i would also suggest trying to get the blacksmith made epics the titansteel set that is a good lvl 80 starter set. with that set you should be able to tank comfortably.

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    Your solution is "do more heroix", plain and simple.

    There are some blue pieces that are solid upgrades from many instances, and there are also key "end boss" pieces that are ilevel 200 epics equivalent to Naxx epics as well.

    These are just some examples, not comprehensive

    Keystone Greatring - Drak'Tharon Keep
    Unsmashable Heavy Band - Utgarde Keep
    Signet of the Accord - Auction House
    Titanium Earthguard Ring - Crafted

    Skadi's belt - Utgarde Pinnacle
    Something - AnubArak in Azjol Nerub
    25 Emblems belt (or is it 40?)

    Essense of Gossamer - Azjol Nerub
    Seal of the Pantheon - Halls of Lightning (note this is a NON heroic drop)

    Bolstered Legplates - Violet Hold

    Breastplate of the Solemn Council - Revered with Wyrmrest

    Sabatons of Draconic Vigor - Revered with Wyrmrest
    Tempered Titansteel Treads - Crafted

    Fire-tipped Gauntlets - Gundrak
    T7 if you can get into a PUG for Sartharion

    Titanium Earthguard Chain - Crafted
    Chained Military Gorget - 25 emblems of heroism

    Tempered Titansteel Helm - Crafted

    Armor Plated Combat Shotgun - Crafted

    Red Sword of Courage - Utgarde Pinnacle

    You have a lot of stuff un-enchanted, and this is where you lose a lot of stamina and other stats.

    Put defense on your shield and chest. You need all you can get at this point. I know you're overcapped now, but you'll see it drop soon enough, believe me.

    Get Argent Crusade enchant for head. Get Sons of Hodir enchant for shoulders. Get a buckle for your belt, but maybe wait till you have a better belt.

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