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Thread: Trinket, Gem, Enchant Min/Maxing

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    Trinket, Gem, Enchant Min/Maxing

    Hello everyone, maybe you can help me with something? After two months of gearing up on heroics (and farming best in slot gear) my guild and I are going to enter Naxx for the first time this saturday. However I'm not too sure of my trinket/gem/enchant selection.

    Armory Link: Click Here

    And these are the trinkets I have available:
    Seal of the Pantheon
    Valor Medal of the First War
    Essence of Gossamer
    Monarch Crab
    Ruby Hare

    As you can see I'm being forced to use +def gems on my gloves and on the ruby hare to reach the def cap. I was thinking that maybe it would be better to remove the hare, add the seal and then regem/renchant to make up for the loss of stamina?

    What do you think?

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    One of the quickest ways to help your defense and overall gear/gem selection is to replace that Keystone Great Ring, you aren't a Druid so it is really limiting you with your current gear.

    If you are fairly rich you could simply grab a Signet of the Accord - Item - World of Warcraft from the AH but if not it is fairly quick and painless to grab a Unsmashable Heavy Band - Item - World of Warcraft from Utgarde Pinnacle

    That will make your life much easier with regard to staying over the 540 required def cap. Once that is taken care of you should be ok to move on and just wait on better gear drops from Nax. Try to never gem for defense if at all possible, it isn't worth the loss of TPS that exertise & expertise/stam gems provide

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    I was also wondering about which trinkets are better to use for a DK. I have a frost DK tank, no issues with def cap.

    I've been using the Seal of the Pantheon and Valor Medal of the First War but last night in H AN Essence of Gossamer dropped, and now I'm wondering what to use.

    From reading it seems most would just use Essence of Gossamer andValor Medal of the First War .

    I'm new to tanking, but since we don't have a shield and more defense also increases dodge and parry I'm wondering if that's really the best combo or perhaps something different? IBF also scales off of defense but I'm not sure by how much to be truly beneficial?


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