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Thread: TankSpot Template Poll

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    The previous skin with the white background and Arthas image. Regardless of who it is or how prolific his image is it just fits the site better... big armored dude represents tanking far better than a fogy city.

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    Arthas for me. I didn't really find there was all that much difference in readability between the two, so aesthetics it is.
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    Gotta go with Arthas and the white background. Also, need more marmot.
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    <offtopic>Bring back zangarmarsh. T_T</offtopic>

    Um, Dalaran is better.

    <offtopic>Zangarmarsh would be even better tho</offtopic>

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    The background I would most prefer is one of Grumsh. Please work on this ASAP.

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    I mildly preferred the Arthas background, although in most cases I'd vote for readability over aesthetics. The Dalaran background kind of fails on branding. Arthas was better on branding but generic to WLK. Your older warrior background, and Veneterio's banner on his site, were better examples of branding in my opinion.

    Another issue to consider is the technical organization of the page. One of your older pages with the transparent background made browsing slow, and that was bad. On the current front page, the way the ad frames load means that the body of the page can load slowly over a not-so-fast connection. It would be nicer if the text loaded first and was fully rendered and then the ads appeared on the side.

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    Since I know the decision will be made between Dal and Arthas, I would have to choose Arty.

    However, personally, I think the best was the Warrior in Valor gear. I've been coming to this site for quite some time, and my earliest memories are of that very, very beautiful picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turkson View Post
    Gotta go with Arthas and the white background. Also, need more marmot.
    what he said.


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    There are too many WoW sites that use Arthas on the front page. At this point, it's the creative equivalent of Comic Sans MS.

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    either is great, just not the overlay on the entire site that makes me think I broke my monitor. I dont miss that.

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    I echo many of the previously posted sentiments: (1) I come for the content, so either is fine and I will still be coming here daily. (2) Arthas is way over-done. I prefer anything a bit more original or unique, or even "less over-done". I vote for the current Dalaran. (3) I think you should have a picture of me, personally, on the website. Rawr. Fear me.

    Opinion that was neither asked for nor germane to this post: Thank you for so much work, from Cider to all the other moderators/contributors and even a few trolls. Love the site - would still be a clueless noob without it. Can't say how many times I've quoted TankSpot.com or how many guildies I've sent here as my authoritative source on all thinks Meat-Shield.

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    I like the Dalaran background. As mentioned before: readability & arthas all over the place.

    I also like the idea that when browsing TankSpot while logged in, i'm usually idling in Dalaran so it fits well Oh, a tank's life...

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    When sneaking a peak at tankspot from work, the dalaran background is a bit more discrete and so is less likely to draw peoples attention.

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