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Thread: 3.1 Prot / Prot

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    3.1 Prot / Prot

    So I am giong prot, prot in 3.1 I want two specs one for MT bosses which I am confident in and I wanted one for more of an AOE tanking encounter and off tanking. What do you all think? Suggestions discussions welcome.

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    If there is another post on this topic please just direct me too it.

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    It's an interesting idea. I think the usefullness of your secondary spec. depends entirely on the nature of the encounters you're trying to OT. I'm not familiar enough with Ulduar bosses to know how often these things will come in handy, but I do have the following comments:

    You're losing Impale which as far as I know scales Thunderclap and Shockwave criticals. That's going to impact your AoE threat.

    You're losing Deep Wounds which will prevent Damage Shield from applying bleed effects. That's going to impact your AoE threat.

    To my knowledge, Commanding Presence, Improved Demo. Shout and Piercing Howl do nothing for threat.

    Do you make up for these losses with Improved Cleave? I don't know. That's something you're going to have to figure out for yourself.

    It seems like you're adding a lot of utility and losing a lot of damage/threat capability - which, again, might very well be the way to go depending on the nature of the encounters in Ulduar. Maybe having Piercing Howl and Improved Demo. Shout will be essential for particular encounters. Maybe they won't. Piercing Howl especially seems like a very situational ability. I can only think of two encounters in game right now where it would be a big asset, and on one of those it can actually end up being a liability (slowing lava blazes during Sarth encounter can result in them being struck by lava walls and enraging).

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    Thats been my issues also I like the end of the prot tree however I dont know how to get all of what I want. I wish I could have an additonal 15points to spend to get the deep wounds and also the percing howl.

    What other spec ideas are you guys going to use that are going prot/prot?

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    Well, I think all of our tank team is going tank/dps. The tank/tank thing seems to work better for guilds that only have one competent tank in their tanking team.

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