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Thread: Please give me tips

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    Please give me tips

    Can i please get some suggestions from some experienced Tanks that are currently main tanking 25 man 80 raids naxx etc as i am getting owned in these areas I currently cant even survive a patchwerk encounter on Heroic taking between 25k and 30k damage from hateful strikes if some guys could check my gear/talents/full stats and let me know where i am going wrong that would be great

    Thanks SAVAGEALL
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    First off why are you the one taking hatefuls? Pallys have some crazy threat generation and you would probably do well as the MT as you get hit faster but not as hard. It is similar with Warriors in that we prefer to be the MT and let Druids or DK's take the hatefuls as they have more life / avoidance.

    I don't know much about Paladins so I can't help a lot with your talents/rotation but I did notice you could use a ring upgrade on that Unsmashable Heavy Band as I don't think shield block value is all that great for ya. You could get Titanium Earthguard Ring - Item - World of Warcraft if you have the gold.

    Perhaps switch your Lavanthor's trinket with Essence of Gossamer - Item - World of Warcraft or Repelling Charge - Item - World of Warcraft

    EDIT: I agree with the post after mine from 'Ignorance' your def/life/etc look like they should be ok for surviving without much trouble so I would think it is a healer issue if you have 3 tanks. You can look into improving your spec & rotation but when it comes to pure survivability it seems like knowledgeable healers should be able to keep you up with your current stats.
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    A little snack for you

    Qote wowwiki on Hateful strike:"This is about 23,000 damage on a partially Naxxramas geared tank. This ability will add threat to the three most threatening on Patchwerk's aggro list."

    Ok first of all your stats are fine, could use some more hit, but thats an entierly different discussion. Your defense is good (559), HP is allright(27.1), doge/block/parry is not really an issue. As I have no real experience with Paladins and their specs I would sugest you look up Elitist Jerks for some specs and rotations, or the forums here on Tankspot could provide you with a solution.

    You are saying that you cannot survive a patch fight on HC without dying.. I would like to ask you then how many tanks/healers did you have? Were the healers geared enough for the encounter? cause IMO this is not you'r fault, as long as you take the Hateful Strikes (provided shared with 2 other tanks) you should not die at your current gear level.

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    You have takein more talents in the prot tree then anyone I've ever seen. I would recommend droping BOK(let a ret pally take it, they have more free talent points then they know what to do with), Stoicsim, IHOJ. And pickup deflection, Atleast one point in Improved judgements, then use up the rest of the points in the ret tree. Take a look at my spec for some suggestions: Me

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    So pally's do make better MT's on this one than OT's, but you should be able to do either. To echo some previous comments:
    - Deflection is a must have. 5% parry means 5% fewer hits landed and less threat (general, not specific to patch).
    - 1 point in improved judgement is a must have
    - you don't really need the stoicism points or the reckoning points or hammer of justice points. They aren't 'don't have' talents, but they aren't as useful as deflection/improved judgement
    - On patch, particularly as a HS tank, laventhor's isn't going to do you much good. Get the gossamer trinket from H AN.
    - If you want to HS tank, switch your meta gem for stam/armor rather than defense/block.

    Overall I'd like to see you closer to 29k unbuffed as a HS tank with probably 35-37k buffed. To bring out a point that was asked earlier, generally there are 2 HS tank and 1 melee tank in 25man patch. Is that what you are running with or are you trying to be the big dog standing alone? If the later, you need awesome healers and some good RNG in your favor or you and/or MT is going down. Might try it with 2 droods/dk's, but sketchy as a warrior/pally or pally/pally combo.

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