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Thread: Need Help With Decursive and DBM

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    Need Help With Decursive and DBM

    I installed Decursive and DBM. I am enjoying both so far, but trying to figure out all the options. Does anyone know how I can move player boxes in Decursive now they are on like the uppper right hand of my screen below the mini map. Also how do you get everyones box to show thats in a raid party? Is it just auto as soon as you or they join a raid? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I recommend using Grid or the raidframe you prefer and Clique. It gives you the same experience (decursing with mouse clicks), saves space on your screen (no extra raidframes only for decursing) and opens up other uses.

    I.e. back in BC I played a paladin tank and in addition to middle mouse = dispel I had all "livesaver spells" like BoP or LoH bound to mouse gestures. This allowed me to quickly dispel and save quite some healers or DDs lives.

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    Ill use this post to ask if anyone knows if there is any way to Move the DBM bars? Was checking the options bar and couldnt find anything on this matter :/
    Hybrid - Druid/Paladin

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