My The World of Warcraft Armory

I have been using landsoul spreadsheet and maxdps to guide me choosing gear but there are some gears that kind of disagree with the ranking based on SEP. Hopefully some of you can enlighten me which ones are better.

1. weapon: The Jawbone - Item - World of Warcraft and Runeblade of Demonstrable Power - Item - World of Warcraft
While I am expertise capped, I can see why jawbone still has higher SEP but dropping 2.47% crit seems a lot to me. And I assume jawbone on MH and claymore on OH

2. Range: Spinning Fate - Item - World of Warcraft and Drake-Mounted Crossbow - Item - World of Warcraft
My hit is yellow capped (sitting at 8.06% total), I dont know if it is really worth it to trade 0.42% crit for 0.98% white hit and 6 ap.