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Thread: As first post...

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    As first post...

    Well this is my first post on TankSpot even tho i have read it quite often...

    I appologise if there already is a question like this or a thread like this, i have however failed to find it...

    To the matter, I'm a lvl 80 Death Knight solidly geared and relativelly skilled...
    The only matter that I'm concerned of is my DPS and therefor TPS...
    I have tried all specs with all rotation along with some "freelance" rotations BUT I cannot sustain a decent level of DPS...

    I appologise once more if this is the wrong thread or forum or someting, I just had no idea where to post this help request...

    Please feel free to inspect my gear and talent spec(which might be bit od) and pleeease help me do more than 1600 dps :<


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