1. I see that even when not holding a shield, warriors have a block %. Does this actually mean anything? Do blocks still happen without a shield?

2.By extension, does this mean that bonuses from +STR have no other use other than increase attack power when not wielding a shield?

3. What should be the average crit % and hit% of a pre-raid fury warrior? How do you reach an optimum between the two? Why is getting 10% to hit some magical number when it's said that both hands have a 24% base chance to miss? +10% from gear and an extra +3% from talents still mean you have +13%. YOu are still missing 11% of the time?

4. Is parry rating worth getting at all for fury builds? Or arms build? Over crit/hit rating?

5. Should fury warriors use the fastest weapons possible? If so is there a problem with using daggers?
No one is answering this guy. The best I can say is... at least he's asking these things and not assuming them.

Well, hmm. I don't really feel like answering him either.

But if you'd like to, feel free.