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Thread: tanking adds in naxx25?

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    tanking adds in naxx25?

    I want to go tanking with my guild in Naxx 25, but I wonder: as an unholy DK, I tank with dots, that you need picked off for the priests to be able to MC the adds, i wonder: is there any special way i could do this in?

    I would most likely need to let the spells run out, but will i keep holding aggro off the healers with only melee? or could i use a few rotations for it to work?

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    Are you talking about the Instructor fight? Because outside of that nothing in Naxx 25 needs to be MC'd or CC'd. In the instructor fight you've got plenty of time to gain aggro. Without them needing to MC the Understudy you're tanking. So once you get enough aggro then just stop the DoTs. I use that fight to level my gun skill while the Understudy smacks me. Not much to it.

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    There are two fights, Raz and Faerlina, but your DoTs shouldn't affect the priest's MCs. I'm Unholy and it's never been a problem, your dots alone shouldn't kill them, and it won't have any effect on duration of hit chance.

    If it's Faerlina and you're trying to hold the adds, usually all I find is necessary is to go in right away, apply diseases once and DnD, and that's enough to hold everything until it is MC'd and sacrificed.

    MC does act like a taunt though, if the target comes out of MC alive (really only a thing in Raz usually) the priest will be bumped to the top threat. If you taunt them back that's usually sufficient to keep them off the priest, though a bit more threat doesn't hurt.
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