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Thread: Extreme problems with my dps in 10 man

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    Extreme problems with my dps in 10 man

    Hi all i am having some serious issues with my dps in 10 man naxx. At the moment im currently getting around 900-1300 on a boss (Patchy i did 1450) my guild leader wants me at at least 2k dps and i know i shouldb e doing alot more. Please help me my spec is 18/53/0 my current rotation is Bloodthrist---Slam---Whirlswind--- rinse and repeat. I dont know if it is my gear or my weapons or my rotation my spec im not sure but i really need to get more dps and im fairly new at the warrior dps aspect in the game.

    My armory is : The World of Warcraft Armory

    Again i need to be getting at least 2k by next week or i wont be able to raid im pulling the rest of the raid down and its very embarrasing. please suggest anything you can . thank you for your time.

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    extreme problems with reading the forums

    There's a fury guide stickied in this forum and you'll find more than what you're looking for.

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    Bloodthirst ---> WW ---> Slam!
    You never cast Slam unless it's a proc, HS is your rage dump as Fury.

    As for your spec, I'd suggest putting two points into Weapon Mastery.
    The Expertise cap for you (without those talents) is 26, you have 13.
    With 2/2 Weapon Mastery that pulls that cap down to 18.

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    Im not much of a fury Warr my guild would never let me go dps but as far as I can tell you need more hit to be capped before you start speccing into expertise and crit. Your rotation may be a bit off as well but I cant help u with that.

    Ocrap just noticed sumthin big. You only have one enchant. That is gonna cause manymany issues. Drop some dough and buy top end enchants for all of your stuff. Should help your dps by quite a bit.

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    Izzy here is what I would do if I were you.

    Short Term:
    Get your gear enchanted. You can look and see what I have on my gear so you know what to get: The World of Warcraft Armory

    Aside from the head, shoulder and leg enchants, everything is available from an enchanter. Some of the enchants (specifically my hands, my wrist, my chest and my offhand weapon) are 2nd rate -- there are more powerful versions of the same enchants out there (but the mats are expensive).

    My leg enchant is made by a leatherworker so a guildie can hook you up your you can AH it.

    You don't have a belt buckle and your gems are wonky. In general, strength is our best stat to gem for as we get 2 attack power per point in strength and strength scales with kings while AP doesn't. So try to gem for Str as much as you can while staying above 200 hit.

    Fix your spec like tuffmuffin mentioned. Take the points out of Imp. Execute and put them into Weapon Mastery.

    Buy the leather bracers from exalted with wyrmrest accord. They are better than what you're wearing now.

    Long Term:
    My head enchant is a rep reward for being Exalted with Knights of the Ebon Blade in the Shadow Vault, Icecrown. The shoulder enchant is a rep reward for being Exalted with the Sons of Hodir in Eastern Storm Peaks (the quest chain to unlock them starts in K3). Sons of Hodir also have a solid shoulder piece. These are factions you haven't even encountered yet -- which means you haven't quested very far yet in Northrend. You can't stop questing once you hit 80... ideally you'll finish off every quest in every zone for the gold and the rep.

    Anyway, you're going to have to do some homework and look up these factions online, check wowhead or wowwiki so you know where to start on the way to getting exalted with these 2 factions. Knights of the Ebon Blade is your #1 priority to rep up with to exalted first. They have fantastic epic boots at exalted, and the head enchant I mentioned previously, along with a much better weapon that you can use until you can get the Titansteel Destroyer crafted.

    Get a leatherworker to make you this cloak.

    Grind heroic badges until you can buy the tier 7 chest.


    Gearing up is expensive and time consuming but you need to do it to prove you deserve a spot. Everything on the short term list can be accomplished in one day (or even an hour or two if you have the gold available). The stuff on the long term list will likely take you 2-4 weeks to accomplish, depending on how much you play (the crafted stuff can actually be attained in a day if you have enough gold). Ultimately however, if you do these things in a month you will be pumping out ~3K DPS in heroics assuming your understanding of your class skills is solid and your priority queue/rotation is strong.

    On that note, can you go into greater depth about what your rotation is like? When do you pop deathwish? Recklessness? Your racial? Where do you position yourself when you're DPSing in raids? Which do you feel is your strongest/most important attack? When do you slam? What abilities do you use in the first 12 seconds of a fight?

    With the numbers you quoted I have a feeling you're making a few mistakes that go beyond your gear so I'd just like to hear what you're doing on AOE trash pulls and on single target bosses.

    Also, what are you glyphs?

    Good luck. There's a lot to digest, and there's a lot of research you can still do by scanning this forum and reading the stickies, but this should get you on your way. You already have some very solid gear (FoFF, Mirror, Neck, Skull Cleaver, Sealed Ring, etc) to serve as your base... now it's just time to fill in the cracks.
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    He's actually soft cap since he has 3/3 Precision.

    Gear wise, you should get the Sons of Hodir shoulders. They're better than the SWP ones you have now.

    I believe the Ebon Blade 2h sword is better than De-raged although you'll lose hit.

    In general your stats are pretty low, swapping out of the Arena chest to the T7 chest will also help.

    If you're really serious you'll get some enchants. Icewalker may as well be free and the head / shoulder enchants are both ~100g.

    I don't play Fury so I can only comment on your gear. The Fury Guide is a great resource though (I used the one in TBC).

    Good luck.

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    quick peak at your gear and here are the main things i see
    do ebon blade dailies to get the 2hander (offhand) and the boots which are pretty amazing, get at least the 85 ap enchant on both weapons

    your helm shoulders and pants all need enchants
    the legs are pretty good so i would dish out the Gs to enchant it at the least (the enchant will add alot of damage)

    if you can afford it the titansteel greathelm (prolly mispelled that) is an incredibly good dps helm, on par with many of the 25man helms and would probably cost you less than 1k

    also your going to want to replace your hit gems with str at some point

    the biggest gear thing is no enchants, get something put on your gear even if its cheap!

    edit: beaten to it left the reply window open for a few hours before i responded haha

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    Ok, I actually do Play Fury spec. Not full time but enough. I dont know who the hell told you to gem for hit but please stop it. You only get for hit if your under 164, and you should always be around 300 just from gear alone.

    Replace that dirt helm with the BS one and replace all those gems with Strength (NOT ATK POWER) always remember that Strenght > Atk Pwr since it scales with Kingz.

    Once you start getting close to 4k AP unbuffed you can start stacking crit a bit more. I'm personally gonna go Str+Crit.

    Rotation starts with Whirlwind then BT, and then which ever pops next. Bloodsurge comes inbetween, keep a good eye on your rage also for Heroic Strikes, I'm going to guess thats where your DPS is suffering since thats what I normally notice when I see geared Warriors do fail DPS.

    Heroic Strike is a large DPS increase, but you have to make sure you dont over do it and rage starve yourself and screw up your rotation. You'll eventually get a feel for it.

    And seriously...Enchant your gear bro. If you have doe go for Berserking on both weapons, if not wait until you get a solid upgrade that you'll keep for awhile Deaths Bite, Armageddon, Jawbone, etc. But its also a big DPS increase since our damage scales with our AP massively.

    Put Strength/AP on your Gloves and Boots, stats on your chest (no PvP gear plz there are blues better then your chest.) Icewalker or AP on boots. Get the ring from Gundrak, that with an Expertise gem might get you soft capped (not sure though)

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    My head enchant is a rep reward for being Exalted with Knights of the Ebon Blade in the Shadow Vault, Icecrown.
    Actually, it's revered for that and the sword. Exalted gets you the boots.

    I'm just going to say that your BIGGEST issue is your rotation. You should prioritize WHIRLWIND first (not Bloodthirst, in WotLK WW is always better).
    If Whirlwind is on cooldown, you should BLOODTHIRST second.
    If WW and BT are both on cooldown, and you have the "Slam!" buff procced from the bloodsurge talent, Then and ONLY THEN do you SLAM.

    If your rage is over 60, use Heroic Strike.

    If you have a shaman who's casting Bloodlust or Heroism in the fight, make sure you use DEATH WISH and RECKLESSNESS at this time (also, any trinkets or racial talents you have). If you don't have a shaman, then use these as soon as they are available.

    If you don't have a protection warrior with you, use SUNDER ARMOR when you have nothing else to use (WW, BT are on cooldown, Slam buff is not active).

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    Out of curiosity how do you guys like to stack your sunders or whats the best way? Should one stack all 5 asap? Or use them during free GCD, cause thats what I've been doing, but sometimes it just takes too damn long. And do you guys bother Sudnering in 5-mans?

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    Any armory linked threads belong in the appropriate forum. Please take time to read our stickies (DPS thread by Corbusier would answer your questions) and our rules (in my signature or at the top of every forum) before posting new threads.

    Moved to Armory forum.

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    I've made some changes (nothing major or unattainable) to your current gear and made a link to it here: chardev.org v6 ~ a World of Warcraft character planner Notice the gem choices, two purple gems to fulfill the Meta requirement. You don't have to go all out on the +16Str, the +14Str gems are fine if you lack the funds or recources.
    With those changes you'll be sitting with 3700AP, 30% crit, 255hit, 12Exp (trash capped) unbuffed in Zerker stance. You are an orc, so you get 5 Expertise from wielding an axe, so use Skul-Clad in your Main Hand and you'll miss fewer BT's, Slams and your MH also hits harder. Titansteel and Skul-Clad have the same dps and speed, so no reason not to.

    Some notes
    Head: Titansteel is better than Outlooks and a Chaotic Meta gem will give a nice dps increase from that alone. If you level up your mining you can farm the mats very easily. Get revered with Ebon Blade and get the Head enchant. Once you hit friendly with them, get their tabard and the rep grind will be much faster.
    Shoulders: Get started on the Hodir quest chain. It starts with "They took our Men" in K3. Once you reach honored you can get one of their their shoulder enchants.
    Back: Cloak of Bloodied water is BoE and you'll sometimes find it in AH. It's better than Ice Striker's and cheaper. A 16 Agi enchant on it is cheap.
    Chest: Try and get badges for T7.
    Belt: Get an Eternal Belt Buckle
    Legs: Get Nerubian Leg Armor. It's rather cheap and a huge upgrade to your dps.
    Feet: Once exalted with Ebon Blade, get those boots.

    Rotation Single target:
    WW>BT>Slam, HS over 60 rage
    Only use Slam when you get a Bloodsurge proc (instant slam) but don't use it over WW or BT if they are off cooldown.

    Rotation Multiple targets
    WW+Cleave, BT if rage is over 55

    Heroic Strike
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