Hello Everyone,

We are looking to master S2D on Normal this week.
My raid composition is:
Blood DPS DK
Prot Pally
Tank Druid
Holy Priest
Tree Druid
Elemental Shaman
Affliction Warlock

I'm not really able to switch any classes or specs in this lineup as everyone is pretty good at what they do and happy doing it. Our DK is not at all interested in tanking and has been generally reluctant to pick up Def gear for an off spec for instance.

So we had a very solid run with 1 drake last week 13K dps for the raid and 2 whelp phases.

According to our last WWS it took us 90 seconds to kill off Tenebron and we had 12 whelps or two egg phases. Raid DPS was just over 13000.
So, to me that looks like we will have Vesperon landing about the time that Tenebron dies and a pack of around 18 whelps plus fire adds. Should we stop to burn them down and then take out Vesperon? Do we want to get in after the acolyte asap or leave him up until V is dead?

Roles are:
Pally tanks whelps, DK tanks the Drake(s), Feral Druid tanking Sarth.

I'm not sure how well the DK will hold up as a tank with the added debuffs from having two drakes up since he has no mitigation, and is not crit capped.

Please point out where I will feel the pain on this encounter with this setup and help me identify any weak areas I have not already covered. Our healing is pretty solid maybe I should just have the DK go Blood Presence and we can burn T down faster and have the Prot Paladin tank whelps and the Drake at the portal.

Thank you in advance.