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Thread: Panel addon, which?

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    Panel addon, which?

    As you can see I use a panel to organize the look of my UI (small changes from this shot tho), but I have heard that you can dock etc. in eePanels, which I havent found a function for in kgPanels.
    I have also heard of skinner, but never tried this (thinks it makes panels, or not panels, but kinda a bar at the lower end of your screen etc etc. Worth checking it out? )

    Soo, my question is, which panel addon do you guys use/recommend?
    I want to have it approximately as it is now, but if you have any major changes that would help, shoot. But the main question is panel addons.

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    I use kgpanels. Ive only tried eepanels for a few minutes. (hated that it didnt have a config window.) While it seems like eepanels is more configurable,(only heard this. i think they are almost identical) i like kgpanels better. And as for your question about "dock"...do you mean like anchoring a panel or parenting a panel? If so kgpanels does have this.

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    Ok. Like anchoring omen and recount into 2 separate panels. And then for instance I type /recount hide then the panel aswell hides?

    Can you explain how I can do this?

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    That's parenting, and both eepanles and kgpanels do this.

    Not sure how it's done for kg, but for eepanls you need to find the name of the frame you wish to link to the eepanel, then put in that frame's name as the parent frame. There's a macro you can use to easily find the name of any frame, don't have it onhand but it's in at least one FAQ around here.

    As I mentioned, I use ee. Only because I've never tried kg, but I would like to give it a shot and see how it works.

    Adds like viewport and btex only seemed to annoy me, as I couldn't adjsut the shape without making a .tga myself, so I ended up taking up more screen space than I wanted.

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    Ok, thanks. Found it. When I type in the panel for omen, shall I just write <panelname> as parent, and Omen in anchor or something?

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