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Thread: kg panels graphics

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    kg panels graphics

    Im looking for some already made graphics to import into my kg panels. Does anyone know of any texture packages that are out there for download?

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    I see this question come up quite a bit. I was even one of the people asking it. I was looking for textures to import, to give my UI a new look for my next planned release. Searched for a few weeks on the internet downloading everything I could find. Then I got a TGA viewer (Thanks to Satrina) so I could view all these textures :IrfanView - Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide. Turns out there a ton of duplicate texture packs out there.

    Just about all the known "pre-made" textures you can get are located here: WoWInterface Downloads : Search Files

    Specifically: Gigantic Texture Pack : WoWInterface Downloads : Graphic UI Mods has the bulk of whats available on the net.

    If your looking to use them for your own UI, that you plan to release for download, know that these textures were basically "ripped" .tga files from someone else's popular UI. They also have very limited customization "as is".

    If your looking to get some really exceptional custom textures, you pretty much need to create your own. It's an involved process, more than I was willing to commit to right now.

    Below are some links to guides on how to create your own if you wish:
    Making Custom Textures - World of Warcraft - WoW Guru
    World of Warcraft (en) Forums -> How To DIY Textures/Custom UI
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    Exceptional answer there Boda.
    Abyssul's UI, please comment or download.

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    Thanks for the replies.
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