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Thread: Am I A Bad Tank?

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    Am I A Bad Tank?

    So lately I'm starting to feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong not sure. I've read up on threat rotations and that seems to be fine but my survivability right now seems to be an issue. Partly this weekend was just a bad weekend of raiding for me. Saphiron really kicked my ass in 10 and 25 man and i cant really udnerstand why. Maybe i'm just not gemming / enchanting right threat never seems to be an issue for me but my health is getting really low a lot so here is my armory page any suggestions greatly appreciated.
    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    WTB better trinkets.
    Never ask yourself that question. You're heals slacked off.

    (yeah all gear looks good)

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    Judging by the abount of SBV you seem to be stacking and the Metagem you've got in your helm, this setup looks preferable for trash/AoE pulls. Having said that, it's still not terrible, just not "optimized" for Bossfights. If Sapph is cleaning your clock in 10man, I'd be inclined to look to the Healer at this point. With a setup like that, you really shouldn't have to get into the Frost Resist set, although that's another option for that particular fight.

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    Survival wise all you can really do is use Shield Block and Trinkets when you think ugly situations are about to come (like Sapp landing), use Shield Wall and Last Stand when you take a huge burst hit that healers may be slow to react to and maintain Thunder Clap, Demoralizing Shout and Commanding Shout. Pretty much the rest is largely out of your hands.

    Your gear is more than fine for both Sapphiron 10 and 25, so I'd suggest talking to your raid and asking them what's up.

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    Looking at your gear, it's really fine, and you shouldn't be having problems. With your professions leveled you could however add a socket to your bracers and spring for the better Stamina enchant as well as socket your gloves. With + 24 stamina gems you could get 79 more stamina than you have now, or with the stamina dragons eye gems even more. which may be enough of a buffer for your healers to catch up.

    I'd say take a few days of down time and mine like crazy to get your skills up.

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    Lose the +200 health on your chest, get +22 defense instead.
    Drop the +def+SBV meta, and get the +stam and increased armor value meta instead.

    Get defense on your shield, and get +40 stam on your bracers.

    When you're fighting a boss that hits hard like Sapphiron, you want to lean more towards avoidance gear, and less on block value gear.

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