Hi, I recently acquired the add-on aloft (newest version). I love the concept, but my only problems with it is: I can't figure out how to change the aggro colors.

When i have aggro the frame border, if you will, is dark purple. As i'm losing aggro the frame border turns light purple, see my problem?

This is what I would like to be able to do for my optimal fastest reaction to losing aggro on mobs i'm not attacking.

If i have aggro on the group every mob's health bar i would like to be not highlighted. Then if i'm losing aggro on one of the mobs i'm engaged with i wld like that mob's health bar to glow yellow. If I lose the aggro completely Iwld like it to glow red.
Seem reasonable? Is this possible?

If not can someone just help configure it the way most people have it set up? I have looked at threads aboutaloft on tankspot and copied what they have, but since this is a newer version I am missing some of the options they have.

If there isn't a way to set it up the way I want the typical set-up is: aggro=red; losing aggro=yellow; no aggro=no glow effect.

Please help and thank you all that respond.