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Thread: Need help with DK Unholy Tank spec/gear

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    Need help with DK Unholy Tank spec/gear

    I recently dinged this DK and I've been trying to build it up to a reasonable unholy tank. I still have some low quality items I'm trying to get upgraded.

    I have questions about my build and threat generation:

    At the moment I'm using 12/8/51 which includes improved icy touch.

    I feel that my threat gen could be a little bit better and I'm not 100% sure if this is something that I can easily sort with upgrading gear + regemming. It might also be my +hit/expertise is on the low side.

    Would it help me if I specced into this 12/5/54 build? I would imagine it would increase my threat gen abilities a little, but I would loose improved icy touch and I'm worried that would hurt my tanking abilities a lot.

    I'm also trying to get my hands on the trinket from AN hc to replace the old old parry trinket.

    Any suggestions welcome!

    Here's a link to my armory profile.

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    I prefer the 12/5/54 specc

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    my experience is mainly in 10 mans, I off-tank for a warrior who out gears me by alot, so don't really have to main tank unless he isn't there, or if it's a caster boss. generally with the build I have, I have no problems at all holding agro, or hearing the healers complain about keeping me up.

    there are a couple things that I would pick up, but again, your situation will be different than mine. you are going to have to look at several different things, such as, are you main tanking or off-tanking? what class is your main tank if the latter? and adjust your build accordingly. but here is the build that I currently run with. 11/5/55

    again, your situation might lead you to not taking some talents that others have. and as far as the imp icy touch, you can get by without it. the key things are getting your cycle's down and making sure that your talent build reflects what you need to do.

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