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Thread: Rate me: Lacking offensive tank stats

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    Rate me: Lacking offensive tank stats

    I am sorely missing out on hit/expertise. I almost never have issues with threat and I generally out dps/tps other warrior tanks when I'm running with them but I still feel as if I can up my game a bit.

    I'm missing some enchants (Hodir should have a tabard lol) and I'm a bit block heavy but this is the gear i have so far.

    Feel free to rip on me all you need, i take criticism pretty well (as long as it's constructive).

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    You're pretty far ahead of the game on defense. I'd say swap 1-2 of those +def/stam greens for +hit/stam greens

    You could also put a +exp/sta purple in the red slot on those legs, giving you the +6 def socket bonus, only costing you a few stam, and giving you more room to pull def out elsewhere and replace with hit/exp.

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    you can also pick up a little hit by putting a titanium weapon chain on your sword. a good piece to get to add both expertise and hit would be the valor token ring, Signet of the Impregnable Fortress. i believe it is 25 tokens

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