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Thread: Arms with 3.1

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    Arms with 3.1

    So, as we all know, with 3.1 Dualspec is coming. I'm thinking about my second spec being Arms. So I thought about - mainly 2 - possible specs and what you would do to improve one or both. Note please that I aim not for PvP but for raiding.
    Spec 1:

    Spec 2:

    Also, are the glyphs I chose right?

    Hoping to get some feedback.

    Edit: Took out the 1 point from parry and put it into Anger Management(Spec 1) and put the 3 points from Parry into 3/3 Imp. Heroic Strike. Stupid me not noticing things like that :/
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    This is what I'd go with if I were to PvE arms. You have some things you can play around with but I like the extra mobility of charge while in combat. On fights where you have to move away from the boss I feel this would be a great way to keep your rage up while staying alive. But I'm not as well versed with Arms when it comes to PvE so I'm sure there are several ways to spec into arms.

    But for glyphs what you picked look to be the best you can do for a PvE setting.

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