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Thread: Tanking help

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    Tanking help

    I need some help for a good talent build
    I'm frost tank spec. The World of Warcraft Armory.

    When in heroics like VH heroic, after second boss there comes 4man groups and then it's a bit hard to get aggro off all mobs and my hp is getting to fast down? What could i do to get lower hits and easier tanking.

    My gear isn't that low i think. This wednesday i gonna go tank in naxx with my guild. and i want to be ready for it.

    thank you

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    Im no DK tank and I have limited knowledge of them, but from the spec linked its quite clear your missing tanking talents.

    Toughness, Lichborn, Blade Barrier, Anticipation... these are all tanking talents you need. The big draw to DK tanking is your ability to mitigate magic damage, so I would take up talents that do that... ie. imp. frost presence and 3/3 spell deflection.

    Check out the forums for appropriate builds, but The World of Warcraft Armory
    works very well for a DK tank i know.

    Also, 29% avoidance seems fairly low for a tank. If youre doing Nax, be sure you know your cd's. Youre also in dire need of new tanking trinkets. Essence of the gossamer out of heroic AN, the badge of heroism dodge trinket, and the seal of the patheon from Loken in reg/heroic HoL are good bets. You should probably get those post haste.
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    Your gear isn't that bad, and plenty capable of doing 5-man Heroics, but you're missing pretty much all of the base tanking talents, as Zed said. Pick those up, and your survivability should be much better.

    As far as threat, make sure you put your Death and Decay down, especially on AoE pulls. It is, by far, the best opener for packs of multiple mobs, and very good for single pulls. After Death and Decay is down, try to get an Icy Touch -> Pestilence -> Howling blast as soon as possible. Blood Tap if it's on cooldown to get the Howling Blast, or just wait for the runes to be available.

    If you're still having issues becuase DnD isn't up often enough, pick up Morbidity.
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    I think you've changed your spec since you posted this, but I feel you're still missing some important talents. You've gone half Blood half Frost, and missed all the important talents in both trees. Personally I'd pull points out of Blood past the second tier and move them to frost. The Spell Deflection talent is so-so, I'm not a fan of RNG when dealing with mitigation, which is why I skip Acclimation. We have a number of cooldowns to use when we know magic damage is coming, like IF and AMS.

    You currently have no finishing move as you've passed on Frost Strike, and you didn't take Annihilation so your Obliterate consumes diseases, greatly gimping your single target threat, and resetting your rotation. Pick up Glacier Rot, Annihilation, Guile of the Gorefiend, Frost Strike, and Tundra Stalker. Take a look at my spec, I'm more than happy with it and have honed it over a long period to have high single target and AoE threat. Also I usually come fairly high on the dps meters
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