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Thread: question about my spec

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    question about my spec

    today some other tanks in my guild were saying my spec was retarted and i needed to go for 5/5 shield specialization and imp spellreflect, but i thought that my spec was a pretty common one and pretty much the best atm am i wrong? i put link to armory below

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    Not wrong. Your tanks are probably still old-school in terms of their thinking.

    For now, there's no need to be that heavy in prot. Things might change in 3.1 though.

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    Oh boy.

    Do your guild a favour and tell the other tanks to get themselves to tankspot.

    Your spec is the cookie-cutter that hundreds and hundreds of raid tanks are currently using.
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    Yeah, things have changed a lot. Shield rating is so high on gear in LK you can keep a deent rate without even trying, so shield spec isn't as vital as it used to be. Esp since we can't keep Imp SHield Block up all the time like we used to.

    And imp spell reflect...it's nice, but very situational.

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