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Thread: Threat Gen Problems

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    Threat Gen Problems

    My OT is looking for some help on his TPS. I figured I'd post on behalf of him. I am thinking his gear for the most part is pretty good, some tweaking sure, but any suggestions would be welcome.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    And here's a failed Grobbulus attempt where we switched roles and he MT'd. DPS was riding him the entire time. Please ignore the failure of the rest of the night

    Wow Web Stats

    Any help would be appreciated. Its rare to find a tank very willing to OT and very willing to accept that he could use some big time improvement, so I wanna make the best out of this.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Threat Problems

    After looking over your OT, I think there are a few minor issues but mainly I'm guessing his/her problem is in his/her spell rotation.

    The rotation is generally referred to as the 9696 rotation. The numbers refer to the cooldowns for spells. The 6s are for Shield of Righteousness and the Hammer of the Righteous and the 9s are for Judgements, Consecration, and Holy Shield. The idea is that you alternate between the spells with a 6 cd and the spells with a 9 cooldown to maximize threat. For example, Judge, SoR, HS, HotR, C, SoR, Judge, etc.

    I also noticed that he/she was using Seal of Righteousness on a boss, which is not optimal. I'd recommend using Seal of Corruption on bosses as it will generate the most threat over time. Seal of Righteousness is better on trash because mobs don't live long enough for SoC to generate much threat. It also didn't appear like he/she was judging very often (9 times during the fight) so I'd recommend practicing the rotation.

    In order to minimize wasted talent points and simplify the rotation, I would drop a point out of improved judgements. With the proper rotation, 2 points in improved judgments is a waste because a faster seals would break the rotation. I'd suggest putting the point into Improved Kings. It's best to max out Improved Kings unless you have a dedicated paladin that can do it. Of course, after 3.1 that becomes a moot point.

    I'd also recommend against the Glyph of Consecration and recommend using the Glyph of Seal of Vengeance. The Glyph of Corruption would again break the rotation and the Glyph of Seal of Vengeance will give your OT 10 expertise when using Seal of Corruption. More expertise means more hits and therefore more threat. I can't tell what glyphs he/she is using so I thought I'd throw that out there.

    The other obvious thing would be that your OT should either do the pull or have a misdirect. If he/she still has problems, I'd ask dps to wait a few seconds before they start attacking.
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    Yasmyna hit the main points, but I noticed one more. Grobbulus is Undead. This means that he can use Exorcism. Generally speaking it looks like your OT is relying on Consecration too much and should be more active in mashing the cooldowns that are up.

    I would be wary a little of taking Grobbulus as a good example of rotation, though. Largely the MT there is far more worried about putting the boss in the right position than getting his rotation exactly right, and DPS has it a lot easier in terms of being able to stand and nuke.

    Patchwerk on the other hand is a very good example, and again we're seeing the same issues. In particular I can't see many judgements, nor exorcism. He is a lot better at keeping Holy Shield (though not perfect - 52% uptime) up that fight though.

    His gear could be tweaked but it won't solve the main issue he has with threat: mash more buttons.
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    Right off the bat, his DPS does seem pretty low which definitely means his TPS is going to be low. He should atleast be double that with his gear, especially in Naxx. Yasmyna and Kayella hit all the major points. Along with Exorcism, Holy Wrath can be used. The Sense Undead Glyph is also useful, seeing as the minor glyphs in general blow, it's a nice one to use if he's not using it already.

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    with the gear he has now he should be putting out 1.4k DPS.. and around 3k TPS... i am not that much better geared then him and i put out about 2k dps and 3-4k TPS on bosses

    He just needs to make sure he is doing it right... read the rotation above....

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    Gear is mostly fine. The block rating enchant on the shield is worthless, defense or titanum plating for his shield. +10 stats on chest is also inferior to +22 defense. The comments made earlier about his spec were spot-on. I use Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft skipping Heart of the Crusader because I'm never without a ret pally. The two points I've got in improved Hammer of justice could go there if he wants to help out with the crit debuff.

    The 969 rotation allows for five prot pally abilities to be used in a sequence with no "clashing", if the abilities are used in the proper order. If he's using a proper rotation, there are no "free" global cooldows for exorcism or holy wrath. Testing has shown that swapping out holy shield for exorcism every third holy shield can increase TPS by a small amount, but it is not worth losing 33% holy shield uptime from a mitigation standpoint.

    The patchwerk fight you listed was 4 minutes (240 seconds) long. Shield of Righteousness has a six second CD, 240/6=40. He should have cast shield of righteousness 40 times, yet only managed 20 hits and 1 miss. Hammer of the Righteous is also on a six second CD, so he should have been able to cast that 40 times too. Yet I only see 11 plus 2 misses.

    Here is my WWS from a 25 man patch last week. That is how the relative damage of prot pally abilities should fall. (I got hammered by the RNG, 4% crit rate on ShoR? WTF)
    Wow Web Stats

    Short story, he needs to learn to use the proper rotation. Point him over to this thread:
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