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Thread: Loot to guild

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    Loot to guild

    Hi. Just started to help lead my raids and Im looking for a good mod to help track what loot each person gets, and also when they get it puts it up in guild chat.

    Ive searched curse and found 1 that posts and 1 that tracks but not one that does both. Plus that one that posts is not configurable at all, IE if i run a fun BWL its posting loot from that raid in guild.

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    xloot works well for having loot given announced in raid warning and in raids and in guild as well as any other channel you are currently in so make sure you arnt in lfg unless your trying to flaunt a server first drop or something heh

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    I'd second XLoot, its a great mod. You can configure where it sends output.
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    If you are the Master looter as well, you might want to try XLootMaster as it breaks down the looting per class as opposed to per group (which I find a lot easier for assigning loot).

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    Suicide Kings? : D Doesnt track loot tho. But spreads the loot nice. As it doesnt track who gets what, but you go lowest on a list after receiving loot.
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    Thanks everyone for the help, Xloot did the trick for sure. Works wonderfully

    Again Thanks for the help

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