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Thread: Questions regarding my spec

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    Questions regarding my spec

    Good? bad? suggested changes and why? This is for krisby

    Mostly regarding raid tanking and random heroics but more specifically raiding 25, 10mans.
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    Guessing this is for Krisby on Armory? You didn't specify.


    Imp Bloodrage- lose it. I realize you might feel rage starved sometimes, but that little extra bit isn't gonna really make a difference.

    Anticipation- You're passing up 5% dodge here. There's no words to describe how much you should have that.

    Puncture- Often debated, but I'd suggest dropping it. I realize again you might be wqorried about rage issues, but I think you'll find you won't miss the measly 3 rage difference.

    Improved Disc- This is one of those talents I'd only use if I didn't need the points elsewhere. It's nice, but between the fairly short CD on Shield wall, and the new glyph (further reducing said CD), you probably don't need it.

    Shield Spec- drop 3 points to use elsewhere. Block is nice, but Dodge is better. Besides you'll find most warrior gear has a stupid amount of block, so keeping it at a decent % isn't hard.

    Now for the Arms tree. I highly recommend the popular 15/5/51 build here. Fill out Deflection. Along with Anticipation that's a lot of avoidance, making you last a lot long. Improved HS will help with rage issues, as will Improve Charge help with that initial burst for starting fights. That will give you enough points to pick up Impale/Deep Wounds, which will really improve your threat.

    Fury- To do all this, drop 2 points out of Cruely. Imaple/Deep Wounds MORE than makes up for the crit loss.

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    I always liked improved Blood rage. I guess because i always open up with a Shield Slam macro.

    Once your gear gets better you can take points out of anticipation and move them around unless you like having 27% dodge

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