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Thread: Boss Emotes

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    Boss Emotes

    I'm a very minimalist player, now that Blizz has a threat meter, I've uninstalled Diamond Threat Meter. Needless to say I've never used Big Wigs or DBM. But someone in the raid almost always has it. So I was wondering, those boss emotes. Is that native to the game? Or are these mods adding them in. Emotes like: Anub'rekhan beings to cast Locus Swarm! Grobbulus Injects you with Mutagen!

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    Well sometimes it does though some of them are in the game itself.
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    Boss mods generally do three things:

    - make the built-in emotes more noticeable (typically by putting them front and centre and making a sound)

    - keeping track of timed scripted events and alerting you as to when they are coming

    - alerting you to statuses of other players (debuffs for example)

    It seems to me that in wrath, there are more built-in system messages on boss fight than in TBC. But the timers certainly aren't part of the bigger UI, and the debuffs on other players isn't consistent.

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    The yellow text emotes now show up in the middle of the screen with a sound alert as part of the default UI. If i'm raiding on my old laptop i turn off all mods except Omen and i still get them.

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