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Thread: TPS... cause i suck

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    TPS... cause i suck

    i just started getting serious about the whole tanking thing so cut me a little slack.

    Here is my toon

    i know that i need more gear for getting def capped and what not... but that is not my issue.

    i have really been having trouble with TPS and just keeping mobs on me.
    my rotation is:
    shock wave
    shield slam
    revenge (if not on cd)
    HS (just basically spamming it from here on)
    shield slam

    and so on and so forth... i do spam devastate alot when im not paying attention.

    i honestly do not play with really good people so the fact that they are taking treat from me is kinda embarrassing. please help... im kind of in a rush to get good because they are waiting on me to be the MT in our new guild.

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    Shield slam and revenge before devestate imo

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    make sure you're revenging and shield slamming every time it's up.

    One thing that helped me a little with aoe tanking was glyphing for cleave. I mark a skull, charge, SS, TC, SW and then start cleaving away. I throw in SS and Rev when I can.

    Just make sure that your dps is giving you a second before going AoE crazy. If they're not going AoE crazy then make sure they're all firing ont he same target. Trying to hold onto multiple targets that are each getting fired on by a separate dps can be a pain in the ass.

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    Not sure if your rotation here is meant for multiple mobs like a trash pull or a single target.

    In any case, as the above poster said, Devestate is a low priority skill and does not account for as much threat as Shield Slam and Revenge. It is important and should be used.

    Warrior tanks don't have a rotation so much anymore as a heirarchy of skills based upon priority. To secure maximum threat on a single target, I suggest the following:

    Charge->Shield Slam-> Revenge->Concussion Blow/Shockwave-> Devestate.

    The key is converting as many 'next swing' attacks into Heroic Strikes as possible, given a high level of rage which in the game currently, is much of the time, especially on single targets. Shield Slam and Revenge are mandatory as often as possible. TC is not very helpful on single targets, more of a debuff applier than a threat skill.

    For multiple mobs:

    Charge-> SS-> TC-> Shockwave- Cleave/TC/SW spam. Tab target and use high threat moves like SS/Rev to build up more threat.

    Aside from mechanics, I find that being aggressive is critical to success, especially on trash tanking. Get into the mobs and begin your threat rotation and seize time away from the DPS. If you shoot pull and let mobs run back to you or wait for every DPSer to poise their fingers over their nuke key, you're asking for trouble. If you can buy an extra TC or cleave or 2 while DPS is looting, drinking, replying to tells, whatever, you have a better lead on threat and can give yourself a little breathing room.
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    tps is more of a priority, not a rotation. this chart should help you out. practice, practice, practice. it is good that you are here looking to better yourself, you are now better than 50% of the tanks out there.

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