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Thread: Looking for serious feed back on DK tank.

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    Looking for serious feed back on DK tank.

    To make it short My main in a Holy Priest that I have been raiding with him since I first rolled him some 3+ years ago. I have been Holy since my first talent point (Brother is a Prot Paladin). Since I started 25 man content with priest I have been playing around with a DK as a tank on the side. Things are not going to bad but I always feel confused with all the tanking numbers.

    Please take a look at my gear and spec. Yes, I am Blood but I like to try out specs people do not look hard at. In 5 mans being blood has saved my run when the healer is way under geared. In 10 mans I am an OT and sometimes MT depending on the boss and who we got to fill the MT. Tonight I noticed my Prot warrior MT (who is one of our MT/OTs for 25 mans and was a tank back when BWL was fresh) was using vigilance ( spelling?) on me. even with that I stayed right behind him on threat with out using Rune Strikes.

    I have used Parry gems simply due to the lack of information on what to use as a Blood Tank. I am aware I need to replace some gear still but as this is an alt he takes a back seat to my Priest in rep farming, gems/enchanting mats and Heroic runs.

    Other notes:
    Skinner and Miner so I get the additional 32 crit rating and 50 stam bonuses (not sure if these are reflected in the numbers on the character sheet).

    I use Anvil of Titans mainly for the 1.02% reduction chance to be critically hit since I have not gotten any better trinkets yet.

    According to a macro i found my overall avoidance is 50.48. of course I am not even sure this macro works with DKs.
    /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(string.format("Need 102.4 avoidance. Currently: %s",floor((GetDodgeChance()+GetBlockChance()+GetParryChance()+5+(GetCombatRatingBonus(CR_DEFENSE_SKILL)+UnitDefense("Player")-5*UnitLevel("Player"))*0.04)*100)/100))
    Thanks for your feed back.
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    You do not need the res on anvil to help with crit reduction since you already have enough from your defense skill, atm all its doing is giving you a little tps via the ap proc. Your other trinket is pretty lackluster as well, not sure if you already have been and just have had bad luck with drops but there are 2 decent trinkets from heroics and normal instances as well as a badge trinket. Seal of the Pantheon - Item - World of Warcraft from normal HoL is nice till you can get the epic version from thaddius on normal and Essence of Gossamer - Item - World of Warcraft from heroic AZN. Personally im not a huge fan of stamina stacking especially with the fail proc on that trinket but so tanks do. Id farm hol and save for Valor Medal of the First War - Item - World of Warcraft which costs 40 emblems.

    You said you already know that parry gems fail, id replace those with Guardian's Twilight Opal - Item - World of Warcraft, also id reconsider that boot enchant and go with Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality - Spell - World of Warcraft.

    What bosses specifically were you vigilanced, cause he might have doing it for the damage reduction. I tank 25s on my dk but also do 10s on my prot warr and I will occasionally vig my ot. Patchwerk and KT come to mind, dont think i bother for any other bosses. Also if as you say you have no problems throwing out some nice tps while oting putting vig on you might give him more tps than throwing it on anoter dps (you said he tanks 25 mans so he should be able to stay ahead of the dps even if you had a few 25 geared players in that 10 man run) and also allowing you to go all out w/o worring about pulling off him accidently.

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    Your gear looks quite alright, though I'd suggest dodge/stam (regal) gems, not Exp/Stam. And obviously you'll want a nicer pair of trinkets. Firstprime linked the hot ones above. Personally, I prefer pure +22 stam to boots, but Tuskarr Vitality can be nice too (I am currently Unholy, so it wouldn't help me =D). You could also hook up the 40 stam to bracers in place of the 15 Exp, though you'd want to make that up elsewhere, possibly with the Guardian gems instead of Regals, or just by getting your happy hands on Inevitable Defeat. Normally, as DK's we don't *need* to stack stamina as much, but Blood can make better use of that than other trees. From hero AN getting the Gossamer will be a nice boost, as would the two stam enchants for big health, and if you can get the Def trinket from non-hero HoL and juggle a few other gems, you can swap rune of SG for SS, which will improve your avoidance nicely overall.

    Two little talent tweaks you may consider trying:
    1.) Swap Will of the Necropolis for DRM. WotN is a little disappointing to me right now. For a long while I thought it worked like Ardent Defender, but I was sad to find out it only applies to specifically hits that will take you from above 35% to below. If you are below 35% it won't do anything further, and I'm fairly certain it has a small internal CD. =( DRM will open up the possibility of spamming series of HS's which will do very nice things for your threat. It is a trade from survival to threat though, so that's very optional, at your discretion kind of change.
    2.) I would trade the points in Scent of Blood into Bladed Armor. With your gear each point of Bladed Armor is worth 163 AP, so those 3 pts is worth another 489 AP. RP is nice, but you don't have Morbidity, so your DC's won't hit as hard, and I'd be surprised if you didn't have the RP to use RS on CD (ha, fun sentence with acronyms). And, if you take DRM and use strings of HS you REALLY won't hurt for the RP you need.

    Both are changes for improved threat, and you don't seem to have problems with threat, so maybe it's unnecessary, but maybe it's something worth checking out, especially as it may allow you to stack more survival into your gear.
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    WOTN at the moment doesn't have internal cooldown and will affect all hits that either take you below the treshold as well as hits you take when you're below the treshold. It will get internal 15sec cooldown come the 3.1 patch though.

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