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Thread: Need some advice

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    Need some advice

    I need some advice on what should I aim for gemming. I feel my hp pool is rather low. Still have some def. rating I can remove for other stats. What do you guys suggest?

    Any suggestions welcome.

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    Ok, first thing i can see.. Drop engineering, pick up either jcing/bsing and level it.
    Next, If you are going to continue using your defense trinket, replace the 16 defense gem in your legs, and the the 8 defense 12 stam gems in your chest and belt with whatever gems you feel fit you best. You should also be able to replace your shield enchant (20 defense) with either 18 stam, or Plus 40 Shield Block value, and still be defense capped.
    Also while I love expertise, you may want to consider swapping out your 15 expertise to bracers enchant with the 40 stam enchant.
    And you may be able to change your dodge-stam gems with expertise stam gems for increased threat, since your avoidance seems to be good.
    I'm also tempted to say if you're still defense capped after this by a few points, you may want to put +275 health to you chest instead of the defense enchant, unless of course it uncaps you ^^.

    -Soap (Mr.Clean of Madoran)

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